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Weekend Writing Warriors 8-Sentence Sunday

wewriwa_square_3It’s that time again! Time for another 8-sentence snippet from one of my works in progress. I’ve given you several from Once More From the Top, so I’m switching back to Sex and the Widow Miles this week. Remember Jules and that sexy younger man? It’s been a couple of weeks since their kiss–the one that made Jules all hot and bothered and then cringe with embarrassment–she’s trying very hard to keep Will at arm’s length. He’s equally determined to get back into her good graces, however his technique is very subtle:

I’d made it very clear that I couldn’t get involved with him, but he seemed content with simply hanging out as buddies. We watched movies, met for coffee in the mornings, and ordered in take-out a few nights, and he even joined me in the pool in the mornings, swimming laps with a long, loose-limbed stroke.

But sometimes I caught him gazing at me, and the look in his eyes was way more than friendly. I’d opened up a can of worms that night with that kiss, and I wasn’t at all sure how to close it. The difference in our ages wasn’t truly my biggest issue; it was just a convenient excuse. No, my problem was Charlie. Even though he’d been gone over a year, I was still good and married. Menopausal horniness aside, no other man—not even one as kind and interesting as Will Brody—would ever have my heart.

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