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Overdrive…and Memos

I feel like I”m in overdrive and actually, there’s no reason for me to be. I think it’s mostly left over from the chaos of having the renovation work done and then the kids coming right after and being on deadline for work projects and creating deadlines for my own books. I need to chill out. It’s summer, life is supposed to be slower. The lake calls and all I want to do is swim and boat and visit with my friends there. My editor keeps telling me, “You’re rushing. Just breathe…” and I think it may apply to more than writing my novels. I think I need to heed this advice in my whole life.

So, just a couple of memos for June:

Dear Summer,

Heed my wise editor’s advice–slow down, breathe…no need to go bashing about, taking long lazy days with you. Let’s hang out, spend some quality time together. What do you say?




Dear Grandboy, Son, and DIL,

photoWowzers! How wondrous to have you guys at the lake with us. I’m heartsick that you hurt your knee, dear DIL, but very glad you’re healing so nicely. And in case you hadn’t noticed, the place to get hurt is in a retirement community—we can find you any kind of wheelchair, walker, etc. that you could ever need! I’m very happy that we worked out getting you on and off the boat so easily. I’d have hated for you to miss Grandboy driving the boat with Pops or seeing his first fireworks show or watching him play in the lake. We can’t wait for you to come back next summer—by then he’ll be old enough to really have fun in the lake and you’ll be able to swim, too! My darling Son, I”m so glad we got to swim in the lake together! I’ve missed that experience more than you know! And your Dad was overjoyed to fish with you again! Grandboy, what a treat to introduce you to all sorts of new experiences—you are our sunshine!

Love you x3,



Dear Current WIP,

We’re almost there. You need to cooperate and smooth out, baby. I’m anxious to share you with my readers, so let’s do this thing, okay?




20130626_092056_resizedDear Kindle Fire,

I never thought I could get so attached to a piece of technology, but seriously? Life without you would be simply awful. I love the ease of you, the way you let me choose from so many different books, how you fit comfortably in my hand, as well as in my purse and the boat bag. I love going into Amazon and Bookbub and finding new books, discovering new authors. It’s how I found writers such as Martha Reynolds, Mara Jacobs, and Bella Andre, and rediscovered Douglas Kennedy. I adore having Gene Stratton Porter‘s novels so readily available to me and Lucy Maude Montgomery’s Anne books. And the movies I can watch–wow! Just Wow! I’m beyond impressed..if you were human, male, and looked like Johnny Depp, I’d so be considering a torrid affair.

With great affection,



  • Skye

    Do breathe and relax. You are a great writer and will finish your book in plenty of time. (And I so look forward to reading it!)

    And wow, that’s a lotta love for an electronic device! 🙂 Of course, I’m having similar sorts of lust feelings toward the iPad, so I understand. I just don’t have the iPad to satisfy me and must simply yearn.

    • Nan

      You are a sweetheart, Skye! Thank you! Yeah, it’s probably really wrong to feel so strongly about electronics, but hey… 😉

    • Nan

      Hey Liz, So glad you stopped by! I am having fun, but the writing needs to get done. I’m in a “sweet spot” right now and I need to take advantage of it. Are you coming over to the lake sometime soon? Hope so!