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Grandboy, Son and DIL visited a week ago and spent five days at the lake with us. They all loved the lake—it was Grandboy’s first foray into lake life, DIL’s first time at a lake since she became an adult, and for Son, it was a visit back to his own childhood. He got to swim and fish and boat and generally re-live his days at this lake when he was a kid. It was glorious having them there, in spite of poor DIL popping her knee out of place. Son did the brave thing and popped it back in for her, but she had to be in a knee immobilizer for the duration of the visit. She was a trouper however and we found a walker and a wheelchair that made her more mobile, so she was able to join us on the boat. If you’re going to hurt yourself while on vacation, make sure you’re in a place with a lot of retirees. You’ll have no problem finding what you need! to get around! Thanks to all our dear lake friends, who offered support and love and assistance!

It wasn’t an action -packed vacation, but it was the perfect way to spend time at the lake. We mostly bummed around on the water—boating, swimming, fishing. Here are some pics of our time together.

IMG_5557IMG_5559IMG_5571At first, Grandboy stuck close to his mom on the boat, but he got braver and pretty soon, he was managing the deck with great aplomb, and totally getting into the ride.




IMG_5609IMG_5657IMG_5661IMG_5697IMG_5733Our lake has an amusement park on it that’s been there since the twenties and has been great family fun for ages. Son loved it as a kid and had a blast bringing DIL and Grandboy to see the Father’s Day fireworks from the boat. Grandboy was a little unsure since it was his first real fireworks, but with Daddy and Mommy close, he loved it! He slept on Nanny on the way back home—all tuckered out.


IMG_5744IMG_5751Next day, we swam off the boat and Grandboy and Son had a blast splashing around in the lake while DIL took pics from the deck. Later, Grandboy helped Pops steer us home. He was a great first mate!photo





IMG_5586IMG_5737IMG_5756Son got to fish, which thrilled him no end and he and his Dad played with their fishing gear and made new bobbers from some wine corks. How cool! Pops got to play with Grandboy, which thrilled him no end as well. All in all, we had a blast and can’t wait for them to come back again next summer—DIL will be healed and good to swim and play in the water, Grandboy will bigger and Pops is anxious to take him to the playground and also teach him to fish, and Son will be back in his childhood days, fishing and swimming and fishing and boating and…well…fishing!