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Wednesday’s Links

Wow, I did something this morning that I haven’t done in more years than I can remember—I slept in. Now by “in,” I mean 9 a.m., but when my habit is to rise a little before 6, have breakfast with Husband, make his lunch, send him out the door, and be at my worktable by about 7:30, this is big. I was up late last night editing and when the alarm went off this morning, I simply couldn’t face the day yet. So I stayed in bed, snoozed for a bit longer, and woke up more ready to start back in on work.

Coffee in hand, I’m getting back into the edit, but not before leaving you with a couple of fun places to visit today.

First one is for romance writers and readers. Jennifer Cruisie’s blog,  Argh, Ink. Jenny’s witty and fun and a fabulous writer. Click around and find her books and then go order any one of them. I read Bet Me first and was completely addicted immediately. I’ve read them all–you’ll fall in love, I promise.

I met Robena Grant in the Bettyverse—that delightful group that came out of fans of Lucy March’s (a.k.a. Lani Diane Rich) cathartic blog. Robena is charming and creative and warm—and like me, an aspiring novelist. She has a wonderful voice and I visit her blog for my fix of enchantment. On Tuesdays, she interviews other authors–it’s a fun, heartwarming blog–take a look and enjoy!


  • robena grant

    Aww, you are so sweet to mention me here. Thank you. I feel I should get up and take a bow or something, but truth is, I also slept in this morning. I feel a bit groggy. Maybe another cup of coffee will help.
    I agree with you on the Jenny Crusie books. They are my “go to” books whenever I’m not feeling well and need some cheering up. Couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve read Welcome to Temptation and Bet Me, oh, and Charlie All Night, and… .