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Thursday Links


I love a good mystery novel, and Kate George’s Bree MacGowan books are a treat. Right now, Kate’s having a contest on her blog right now—go on by, leave a comment, and you could win an Amazon gift card, plus discover a couple of fun mysteries.

The Family Addiction is three sisters talking about books—delightful blog and Carrie, Amy and Sarah remind me a little of me and my two sisters.

Enjoy, everyone!

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“Thursday Links”

  1. Avatar February 10th, 2012 at 4:16 am Julie Says:

    I was having trouble getting to Kewl Kate’s place from mine, and here I see that you’ve got a link too. Also showing me an error. I always feel better when I find out it’s not just me!

    I’ll try back again later. Got to be the interwebz this time.