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Sunday Snippet: The Too Excited to Breathe & Giveaway Edition

It’s coming up! We are a mere 5 days away from Word Wranglers writer’s retreat in North Carolina and the four of us who are able to attend are about to pop, we’re so excited. First of all, outside of Liz and me, we’ve never met in person. So I get to meet Margie on Wednesday when I go pick her up at the airport, Liz gets to meet her when she picks us up and we get on the road, then all of us get to meet Janie when we arrive in NC.

Liz and I travel together frequently, and we’re anticipating all the fun we’ll have adding Margie and Janie to our writing retreat vacation this time. Janie has several things planned, but mostly it will be the four of us in a mountain cabin (a luxury mountain cabin thanks to Janie’s sis) writing, talking, brainstorming, and processing our current stories and future ideas. I would love to get lots of words in on Book 3 in the Lange Brothers series. How cool would it be to turn it in a bit early? And how cool would it be for Margie to finish her Suitcases story and get it ready to go out into the world? And for Liz to write a bunch on Rye and Jake’s story and Janie on he WIP?

I’ve never been to NC before, neither has Margie. Liz’s son and DIL live there, so she’s pretty familiar with the state and of course Janie lives there. She is already the hostess with mostest, sending us notes every few days with more ideas and menus and treats she has in store for us. I’m going to make an effort not to overpack… yeah…I am really. However, experience shows that I will overpack–it’s what I do.

All in all, this trip is pretty much what I’m obsessed with so I’m going to let you guys talk today–tell me about your favorite summer vacation or even just your most recent one. Comment below for a chance to win a free e-copy of any one of my books, all of which you can see here and here. I’ll check in throughout the day, but for now, I need to go recheck my packing list…

Stay well, stay safe, wear your mask, and most of all, mes amies, stay grateful!