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Sunday Snippet: The OMG, I’m So Excited Edition

Yup, I am about to jump out of my fur, I’m so excited! Liz and I are headed out tomorrow for our first writing retreat in well over a year and a half. Frankly, we’re both flipping around with joy! It’s been months since we’ve seen each other and I can’t wait to spend 4 days with her, writing, talking, drinking wine and coffee, eating, processing, catching up… it’s going to be glorious. The weather report for Madison, Indiana, which is where we’re headed sucks–I mean it truly sucks. Rain the entire time we are down there and cool-ish temps, so no fun spring clothes, but you know what? I do not care! I’m just so pleased to be able to do this, I’d wear rags and an oilcloth slicker the whole time if I had to.

In other good news, Max and Lauren’s book is with my Tule editor and I confess to having a knot in my stomach over how she’s going to feel about it. This book was harder than most–I think I’ve said that here before–and I have no idea why. Maybe I was tired of pandemic writing, maybe the characters just didn’t seem to gel until the last third of the story, maybe I wasn’t in the zone enough. I dunno… but it worried and discouraged me. I’m praying that the next one, which I’m starting in Madison, will come easier. I feel like I already know the characters–Becker and Harley–better, so that’s encouraging.

I will post each evening this week to let y’all know how the writing retreat is going. I’ll probably turn the blog over to Liz at least once, maybe twice while we’re down there. So stay tuned and tune in… we’ll be here, sharing our journey out into the world for the first time post-pandemic.

Meanwhile, stay well, stay safe, and most of all, mes amies, stay grateful!