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Sunday Snippet: The Lake Life Is the Best Life Edition

I know. I know. I’ve done this topic before, but it’s my blog, so… you get another one today because it’s June and we’re here and so are Son and Grandboy and it’s been a good Father’s Day weekend so far.

We got the cottage washed, which needed doing since May, but all the rain made it impossible, but it’s shiny clean now and I’m going to work on sprucing up the shutters today. Also, got plans to weed–we’re going to get new river rock for around the whole cottage, but we aren’t there yet. But, you know. it’s the lake, so we don’t feel the urgency, which is what makes lake life so nice, eh?

We got Son’s fishing boat in the water, which makes him very happy. He said, “Okay, now it’s summer!” Isn’t it funny how we count our time with events like that? And how much comfort we find in those kinds of things–getting the summer cottage open, putting the boat in the water, first swim of the season… our summers may not be full of new and exciting adventures, but they are full of comfort and joy.

Summer writing moves along… Jo Weaver, my newest heroine in my WIP, finally started talking to me. It’s odd how that happens. Sometimes the people are right there from the start and you can’t write fast enough to get their story told. Others, the story is there, but the people are quiet for a while a first or maybe just one of them is talking to you. That’s been the case with Jo and Alex’s story. Alex is here, chatting away, but Jo’s been in the shadows. I think I’ll get her, but it’s been tough.

It’s Father’s Day and having my two favorite fathers, plus Grandboy, with me this weekend has been a special treat. Husband is such a terrific dad and Son is a lot like him, but a different kind of dad, just as terrific in his own way. They are both handsome, uber intelligent, sensitive, kind, and gentle guys. Son is so lucky to have Husband for his dad and Grandboy is just as lucky to have Son for his. And I’m so fortunate to have them both in my life. Happy Father’s Day to all those great dads out there!

Gratitude for this week: Lovely warm days and cool nights here at the lake; we got our first lake swim in and it was delicious; Jo is finally talking to me; I got to have a work day with Liz and it was wonderful to be with her; I have so many wonderful, caring friends; Sis got to be with her Grandboy for his birthday in NY state–what a treat!

Stay well, stay safe, don’t toss that mask just yet, continue to send light to Ukraine, and most of all, mes amies, stay grateful,