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Sunday Snippet: The I Shall NOT be THAT Old Lady Edition

I fear 2023 may turn out to be the year of Nan questioning everything that happens–not complaining, mind you, just wondering why and trying not to chalk all manner of body issues up to, let’s say it together now–Nan’s fat ass. 

This week has been truly awful, my friends, because I’ve had an abscessed molar that caused me incredible pain–worst pain ever, and I’ve had arthritis for years, a broken foot, and a baby without any anesthetic.  People say mouth pain is the worst and they are not lying about that. I finally saw an endodontist on Thursday who said the tooth was too angry to work on that day, gave me steroids, antibiotics, and lots of sympathy and sent me home for 24 hours. All three helped a lot. On Friday, I had the procedure done with oral anesthetic (read Valium the night before and Ativan that morning), and it was a bearable thing, but today (Saturday morning), it’s still a little tingly numb and sore, which I was told by the endo was normal. How lovely to be normal (and best part, she never once mentioned my ass).

A few words about the oral anesthetic. I’d never taken either Valium or Ativan, although I’d heard that their effects were lovely. The Valium did help me sleep–which I needed since I hadn’t slept in two nights before the Thursday appointment. The Ativan gives you a sense of totally not giving a flip about much of anything, and it also makes your pupils disappear. It made me feel stupid–I didn’t like that part–and it made me a little unsteady on my feet. The steroid makes your cheeks red, but it does take away the arthritis pain and makes you feel like you could lift the world if your face didn’t hurt so much.

This month, my focus, sadly, is on my body–postponed due to weather, my heart nuclear testing happens on January 10, with test results consultation on January 17. Then first meeting with the new cardiologist on January 24, after which the fun continues with a mammogram on the 25… yes, I fear I may be becoming that old lady who goes to the doctor constantly. I’m pretty sure I asked two or three dear friends to slap me if that happened. Where the hell are you?

All in all, writing is my escape–In River’s Edge I’m the one who says what happens, I’m the puppet master, controlling people, events, and everyone’s health. Nan’s fictional world is a lovely place, even lovelier when her real world isn’t all that great. We shall bring both into alignment in 2023. Thanks for listening.

Gratitude for this week: Endodontist was kind and hopefully, this will be all fixed soon; Husband has been a rock through this; The book talk I had to cancel on Thursday is rescheduled; Only four weeks until Liz and I go on retreat! and time with Grandboy was quite wonderful!

Stay well, stay safe (wear your mask when you need to), be kind, and most of all, mes amies, stay grateful,


    • Nan

      I am doing better. Tooth is still sore, but not as much, so that’s a plus. I’m hoping each day brings less pain so I can move on. Thanks for checking in!!

  • Kimberly

    I am sending good and healing thoughts your way. I totally understand your pain. I have been on this seeing way too many doctors for almost a year, and I am hoping to be finally tapering down to on a few more follows ups and PT, because my big butt is tired of all of the driving and appts. Hugs

    • Nan

      Oh Kimberly, how I sympathize with you! Since Husband’s cancer diagnosis this past summer, we’ve gone from being once-a-year checkup folks to what feels like weekly doc appts. (It’s not that bad, but it does feel that way!) I’m ready for my normal life, and although I know the heart thing is a game changer, I intend to get strong Nan back in play! Hugs to you!

  • Janie DeVos

    Ah, well, and a new year begins. I say let’s get the bad stuff out of the way, then let the good times roll. I know you’ll be fine, Nan, because you’re taking care of things, and, undoubtedly, you have fine doctors overseeing your care. On top of that, sweet friend, lots of prayers are being said on your behalf. And I’m one of those talking to the Big Guy upstairs for you. xoox

    • Nan

      I like that idea, Janie–let’s do get the bad stuff out of the way, then onward! I do have terrific docs and that gives me hope, and oh, how I do love that folks are including me in their prayers. That helps most of all. Thank you, dear one! Xoxo

  • Leigh Ann Edwards

    Sorry you’ve had such a rough week, Nan. I hope you’re on the mend as far as your dental woes. Sending prayers, love, and light for your upcoming appointments!

    • Nan

      Ah, Leigh Ann, your prayers, love and light are gratefully received. Tooth is somewhat better–I wasn’t prepared for it to continue to hurt after the procedure, despite the fact that I was told it would. I thought maybe I’d be the exception. Hugs, honey!

  • Maureen Law

    Good morning, lady! No, I will not refer to “your fat ass”, size doesn’t matter. You are my sweet, lovely, loving friend.
    As for doctors and tests, ugh! I have been going through some testing, as you know. During the last test I tell the tech that something is happening, I know my body. Results come back nothing wrong and everything is in range. You say to your self, “what the hell is going on then?” Yes, you feel like the old lady that has imaginary problems.
    How about we just get thru it and plan on a good 2023? Good food, good wine, good friends and good times!
    And the next book release!

    • Nan

      Hullo, my darling Moe. Yeah, you totally get it! Let’s do! Let’s get through this testing and crap and plan on a great 2023. I’m for good wine, good friends, and good times. Lots of swims in the lake, wine on the boat, and games on the deck! And yes, the next book release… Hugs, my dear one!

  • Jana Richards

    Nan, I totally relate to your woes. I’ve got this something happening in one of my molars too. It already has a lovely crown on it which cost an arm and a leg so I’m loathe to drill through it, but I may soon have no choice. It caused me pain a few years ago, and I was going to get a root canal by my endodontist. But then it quit hurting and my endodontist said if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. At the time he said it could be fine for ten years or could give me grief again tomorrow. I think that time is coming soon. I’m feeling it every time I drink something hot, or cold. Not looking forward to having to have a root canal, my first ever. By the way, my endodontist is really nice, too. Maybe it’s a job requirement since they do unspeakable things to your mouth!

    • Nan

      Endodontists are new in my life (this was my first root canal), but this was a molar with a crown and she drilled right through it with no problem and yeah, mine started with sensitivity a few weeks ago and exploded into incredible pain. This too shall pass and all will be well, but gosh, how I wish it pass just a little faster. Hugs, Jana!