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Sunday Snippet: The Holiday Romance Edition

You know, I try not to do too many posts that are purely self-promo, although I grant you that I do say a lot about writing and my books here. Disclaimer in place, today’s post, by necessity, is short and sweet.

Love holiday romance? Me, too. Here are a few that I love. Feel free to add to this list in the comments. I’d love your suggestions.



A Christmas Town Homecoming: The latest offering from the Christmas Town authors who include my writing bestie, Liz Flaherty. Her story, Remember When, is just one of ten charming coming home stories in this anthology.

Lighting Up Christmas: Sinclair Jayne’s latest Christmas romance has it all! An opposites attract story with a bouncy heroine who is an electrician, a solitary hero with a vineyard, and all the holiday feels.

Love and Latkes: Stacey Agdern’s third book in her Friendship and Festivals series is pure fun–a reunion romance with irresistible characters, small town charm, and food at the center of it all.

On Christmas Tree Cove: Sarah Vance-Tompkins delights with her story of coming home to a small town in Michigan where a long tradition recaptures her interest, as does an old flame.

Christmas in Full Bloom: Denise Wheatley’s coming home holiday story includes a family wedding and a second chance for two former lovers to reunite for good.

And I wouldn’t miss a chance to share my own Christmas romances with you–promo is promo after all.

A Small Town Christmas: Can a little girl longing for a mother and the magic of Christmas bring a small-town vintner and big-city lawyer together?

Christmas with You: There’s an out-of-work actor, a single mom, Christmas in a small town, and a showboat. What more do you need for the perfect holiday romance?

Tell me your favorite holiday romances–I’d love to know!

Stay well, stay safe, wear your mask, and most of all, stay grateful,

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