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Sunday Snippet: The Gift of Retreat Magic Edition

And what it gift it was! We worked, we walked, we ate, we worked some more, we drank wine and ate junk, walked more, processed and shared and talked endlessly, and oh, how we worked!

We both agreed it was the most productive retreat we’d ever had. Liz got lots of words in on her new project, I got all the revisions done on the second Weaver Sisters novel that was due back to my editor the day we returned from South Haven. Our condo was amazing and gorgeous and incredibly comfortable, and our view was spectacular. It took us most of the trip to learn that the drawbridge went up on a regular schedule, not just when a tall boat was coming. It’s the boaters who have to plan their arrivals, not the bridge. (Who knew?) But we tried to catch a glimpse of it every time we heard the bell (a little Pavlovian, but hey, we’re writers, so curiosity is the name of the game).

We only ate out once this trip–at a fabulous place called Clementine’s, which is unusual, but we bought food at the grocery store the first day and staying in for meals just seemed to suit us better. We did venture out to have our lunch on the deck by the Black River one day and it was lovely. Mostly, we worked.

Liz found the magic in her new project and I injected the magic in Jo and Alex’s love story… it was a good retreat.

Gratitude for this week: Retreat and all it entailed (most importantly time with Liz); coming home to Husband; sent Jo and Alex’s story back to my editor (on a wing and a prayer); got to see Grandboy play Si Crowell in Our Town–what a joy! Time with sister.

Stay well; stay safe, don’t toss those masks; be kind; and most all of all, mes amies, stay grateful!