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Sunday Snippet: The Editor Nan Edition

Nine years ago–gosh, has it been that long? Nine years ago, when Husband retired, took off his watch, and said, “I’m done,” we agreed that I would work until I got to age…well, a certain number. We’d worked endlessly on a retirement budget, figured every dime, and knew exactly what we’d need to maintain the lifestyle to which we’d become accustomed. Back then, it felt a long way off and I was sure that by the time I got to that number, I’d be ready to stop editing.

Well, that certain number now looms large on the horizon and I’m not at all sure I’m ready to hang up my editor hat. First of all, I really love editing. It makes me happy to be able to earn money doing something I enjoy doing. And our financial situation has changed with the HFrEF diagnosis.

Not that we didn’t plan health situations into our budget all those years ago, we did for sure. But nine years ago, medications weren’t so incredibly pricey and this… a health issue that couldn’t be ignored or dealt with by some means other than expensive medications just didn’t occur to us. But here we are, eh? Book royalties are lovely, but they won’t pay the freight on our portion of the 4-drug protocol–the editing gigs can handle it, mostly.

So, still, I persist, doing something I thought I’d be letting go of this year, and you know what? I’m not at all sad about that. I think I would be more sad if I gave up editing because the work does bring me great joy and satisfaction. I love helping authors make their books the very best that they can be. I love being the person who can make a manuscript go from good to great. One day, I will retire, but I think slowing down will happen first–one day, but for now Editor Nan is in the house… and so is Author Nan. And they’re both having the time of their lives!

Let’s talk–are you retired? Are you close? Either way, how are you feeling about that monumental life change?

Gratitude for this week: Husband can still do things like replacing a water heater. Been gorgeous weather here at the lake. I’m getting all my steps, plus some, in every day. My little rosebush, Katie Rose, is starting to bloom delicate yellow miniature roses. I’ve got work.

Stay safe, stay well, be kind, smile at someone this week, and most of all, mes amies, stay ever grateful!

PS: NEWS!! Meet Me in River’s Edge, Book 2 in the Weaver Sisters trilogy is available for pre-order now! Click the link above or click on the book cover to find your favorite retailer, and order. It will appear on your e-reader on August 17! YAY!!


  • Carol Light

    I’m glad you’ll still be editing, Nan, as long as it makes you happy. You did a wonderful job editing my book! I don’t know how to answer people who ask if I’m retired. I sometimes say I’ve failed at retirement because I’m still working, although at my home desk now. Maybe I should just say I transitioned to a new career as a writer.

    • Nan

      Oh, Janine, you are such a sweetie! I’d keep writing just for you! I’ll be writing as long as the people in my head keep talking… and they are so dang noisy!! 😉

  • Latesha B.

    Haven’t retired and I don’t think I ever will. I still have more than I decade before I am even eligible to retire. I would love to be able to find something to do from home so that I could travel. So glad you are still enjoying editing and writing. Looking forward to more from you, Nan.

    • Nan

      Thanks, Latesha! I had to pay a fortune for healthcare after Husband retired–it was dreadful. I’m glad to be aged into the system now–you will be too! Hugs!

  • Roseann McGrath Brooks

    I have just a few years to go before a retirement that could include Medicare. I wanna go back to freelance, but the health insurance costs are a pain. Whether it’s insurance, meds, or something else, these health-related costs have a big effect on our decisions. I’m glad you’re still enjoying both editing and writing. We all benefit!

    • Nan

      Oh, thanks, Roseann! I may one day retire from editing, but never from writing… at least that is my plan. 😉 I feel your health insurance pain–for the first five years of Husband’s retirement–until I became eligible for Medicare, I had to buy my own health insurance. It was daunting.

  • Kate Sparks

    Retired more than 10 years ago. I had quit a job and talked to financial people and discovered that I had enough time in various state and county jobs to receive my state pension…so I did. Husband retired from education a few years later. We kept finances in our thoughts all those years. I am frugal to say the least. But wow, those medical costs don’t stop going up.

    • Nan

      Aging and medical bills seem to go hand-in-hand, don’t they, Kate? I never, ever expected to be the woman spending so much on meds… yikes!

  • Vicki, Calif.

    Nan, I personnally hope that you continue to write for many years. I love your stories and your characters. Also, the way all 3 or 4 books in a series connect with each other. And with the ones that connect back to the original River’s Edge series.

    • Nan

      Oh, Vick, I’m going to write until Tule tells me that River’s Edge has run its course, which I hope is quite a ways in the future! So many characters in my head clamoring for their stories to be told! Hugs, baby!

      • Vicki-Calif.

        Nan, it is such a relief to hear that you still have lots of idea for storylines to continue the Rivers Edge stories.

  • Liz Flaherty

    That nine years has gone by so fast, hasn’t it? I talk about retiring with every finished book, as you know, but…not yet.

    • Doris Lankford

      I retired in 2021. I worked in retail for over 40 years and it was just time to stop. Some days I miss going to work but most days I am glad I get to stay home. I am lucky my husband can support us and we have made plans for the future.

      • Nan

        I can see how you’d see a stop in retail–lots of hours on your feet. I’m glad you’re enjoying your retirement, Doris!