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Sunday Snippet: The Deadline Edition, But… you get a real snippet. How about a quick clip from The Valentine Wager, the first novel in the Langes of River’s Edge series? Here’s fabulous news: My publisher, Tule Publishing, liked the title well enough to keep it. I’m pleased as can be because I really liked the title and it fit the story perfectly! Pretty soon we can have a big cover reveal party here–there will be wine and chocolate!

Some setup for this snippet: Police Lieutenant Ryker Lange has accompanied his mom to a Pink Wine and Valentines event at Four Irish Brothers Winery just so he can make some time with the Flaherty’s cousin, Kitt Boynton, who’s just arrived from Ireland. Turns out most of the single guys in River’s Edge had the same idea and Rye is feeling the competition. Everyone is making pop-up valentines and Rye’s turned out pretty good…

February on the River Walk photo by Brenda Guess Shropshire

That’s a nice one, Rye.” A quiet voice behind his chair made him turn, but it was Holly Flaherty, not Kitt, who was admiring his handiwork.

He smiled up at her. “Thanks, Holly.”

She picked it up and opened it, her smile growing at the bouquet of hearts that exploded from the inside. “Who’s it for?”

Turning on the charm was pure instinct. “Haven’t decided yet. Any chance I could convince you to dump that punk actor of yours and be my valentine? This remarkable card could be yours.”

Holly chuckled and patted his shoulder. “Not a chance, Rye. Sorry. Besides, I don’t think I’m the one you’re interested in anyway.” She leaned around to peer into his face before following his gaze to Kitt, who had reappeared and was laughing with Noah, Dot, and Mary while Chaz LaGrotte leered at her shapely behind from two tables away.

Holly trotted back to the bar while Mac laughed. “Yeah, if looks could kill, Chaz would be a goner.”

Carly smiled. “All these single guys showing up sorta cramped your style tonight, didn’t they, Rye?”

Heat crept up Rye’s neck and into his cheeks. Dammit, was he so obvious? That Irish lass was putting him off his game and that was not good. Not good at all…

There you go–hope you’re intrigued. I’m finishing up Book 2 in the series this week, so I’m deep in writing mode and rather enjoying the push. Also I’m counting the days until Liz and I get to go on our writing retreat because we’re going someplace extra special…details will follow.

In the meantime, stay safe, stay well, and most of all, mes amies, stay grateful!