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Sunday Snippet: Another I Got Nothin’ Edition

Seriously…I got nothin’. Right off, I’m late with this–usually I have it up at 6:30; it’s now 7:15. I lingered in bed this morning because it is a dang chilly morning here at the lake, we worked hard yesterday, and the kids came for supper and Euchre and we stayed up late-ish. We did have a great time after supper.

Son went around the table for a couple of hours and had each of us pick a song we wanted to hear. He cued every one up on his Apple music app and played them through our Bluetooth speaker, so we listened to a mad variety of music from the sixties, seventies…all the way through to today’s music. Of course, we all got to editorialize on each other’s choices. It made for a lively discussion during 5 rounds of Euchre–the kids ended up winning 3 to 2. All in all, a fun night at the lake.

I’m writing–working on Maddie Ross and Jack Walker’s story, which is coming along, but it’s slow because the story is a quiet one so far. I had a great idea last night while I was trying to get to sleep and I popped up out of bed, grabbed my notebook, and wrote it down instead of lying under those warm covers and thinking, “I’ll remember this.” I never do, and I really didn’t want to take a chance of forgetting it. Husband was blearily wondering why I got up, but then he saw me scribbling, shook his head, and zoned back out.

We came up to the lake to find a leaking water heater, so the boat will have to stay in storage another week while we deal with that. Husband is pretty handy, so he and I can do the replacement, but it’s something we weren’t expecting. Seems to be the week for appliances to go down–Son and DIL’s dryer in their cottage had to have new belt put on it yesterday, which the guys managed to do in just a few minutes.

But all this does make you think about having two places to take care of–will we begin to age out of being able to take care of both? Husband is the original DIY-er—I can’t remember ever having to call a repairman for anything in the nearly 50—wow, 50!—years we’ve been married. However, he’s getting older and I’m getting older and sometimes two places feel like a lot of work. But then we come up to the lake and get in the boat and everything feels way to good to ever give it up. So we push ahead.

See? I told you…I got nothin’ this morning. I think I’ll go out on the deck with my coffee, breathe in some brisk morning air and bask in the sunny day. The kids are coming over for breakfast and I need to get the bacon in the oven. Thanks for hanging in with me. Next week, I promise to be more fascinating or at least have a snippet for you. Until then…

Gratitude for this week: Our gardens at the city house are spectacular; my hollyhocks are going to make it; I have work; Husband knows how to do repairs; I get to meet my crit partner tomorrow for lunch and my lunch ladies on Tuesday, so yay!

Valkyrie: The Avian Clone Chronicles by [Cheryl Brooks]Speaking of my crit partner, she has a new release that is just the best fun! If you’re into paranormal romance in a world that is absolutely fascinating, hurry over and grab Cheryl Brooks’s newest book, Valkyrie: The Avian Clone ChroniclesIt’s fabulous!

In the meantime, stay well, stay safe, be kind, smile at someone this week, and most of all, mes amies, stay grateful!


  • sinclair

    When you have “nothing,” you have something. I love hearing about how your husband can fix things. Mine can’t. Not anything. But neither have I tried to tackle too much–minor plumbing, cleaning out filters or traps on various appliances. But I can totally relate to the pondering about keeping two places. Is it practical? Often not and yet just like when you are up at the lake, you feel like all is right with the world. I feel like that about sitting on the deck overlooking the vineyard. And I love the little town of Mac.

    • Nan

      You have so nailed it, Sinclair–when we’re up at the lake all is right with the world. Can’t wait to see your vineyard!! Hugs and thanks for stopping by!

  • Liz Flaherty

    Good post. It’s definitely the season of things–and people!–falling apart, isn’t it?

    • Nan

      Seems as if it is the season, my friend. I’m hoping this is our last water heater for a good long while! Hugs–very glad you checked in!