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Summer’s Coming

I know this because our catalpa tree is flowering and that’s a sign that June is close. The tree is currently a riot of snowy blossoms and it sits right at the end of our driveway. I can hear the cars slowing out on the road; I’m sure they’re admiring our ancient catalpa.

When we first built our house, a man stopped by one day and asked if he could check the tree for catalpa worms—apparently, they’re great for fishing. Who knew? Catalpas are indigenous to our state, so you see them around a lot. We don’t know how old ours is, but we think it’s pretty old because it’s huge, and this year, it’s  particularly lovely. Take a look. How gorgeous is this?



Here’s how the blossoms look close up; their scent is so sweet and heavenly.

I’m an autumn person usually, but when the catalpa blooms, I turn into a springtime girl. How about you? What’s your favorite season and why?

 Today’s post is dedicated to my high school classmate, Bill Spurlock, who passed away yesterday. Hope you enjoy your view of my tree, Bill. Soar with the angels, old friend.