Mother’s Day at the Lake

It’s our third weekend at the lake and this morning, we enjoyed breakfast on the deck listening to the sounds that are so much a part of being at the lake–birds singing, the breeze rustling the trees, boats on the bay, maybe the occasional whoop from a fisherman who caught a big one. Pretty soon, golf carts will start to appear and neighbors will be by to say good morning and catch up on the week’s news.

Not much going on here this weekend—the park really hasn’t started its summer dance of barefoot kids running up and down the road, boat motors buzzing, the splash of swimmers in the clear water, and the scent of something wondrous being grilled for lunch or supper. We’ll take care of some of the little things that need doing, some fix-up stuff from last fall, and I’m planning on cleaning the window sills of their winter grime and possibly washing windows.

Mostly, I’m planning to spend Mother’s Day weekend relaxing, enjoying the quiet here, and perhaps reading for pleasure. Yesterday, I received an incredible bouquet of orchids from Son and DIL and my soon-to-arrive grandson. They are exquisite–I’ve never gotten orchids before, so what a treat! I brought a few stems up here with me, so I could enjoy them both places. Tomorrow, I’ll get to spend some time on Skype with Son, which is always the dearest pleasure a mom with a long-distance kid can know.

Tomorrow is also my mom’s birthday. I miss my mom. She would have been 85 years old on Mother’s Day. It’s funny, but I can’t even imagine Mom at 85—to me, she’ll also be that zany, slightly off-center lady who was always up for any new adventure. Perhaps that wouldn’t have changed about her had she had the opportunity to grow older. I like to believe that she’d have been the one who danced on a beach in the moonlight at 85 years old. I hope I’m becoming more like her in that way—bolder. Happy Birthday, Mom, and Happy Mother’s Day. I didn’t tell you this often enough, but I love you.

However you plan to spend your Mother’s Day, I hope you are blessed and enjoy time with the children and mothers in your life. Be good to yourself, you deserve it, I promise.






  • Julie

    Happy Mother’s Day to you as well! I was just thinking about you and the lake house today. My Grand Dog and I were on our front deck enjoying some lovely Spring weather….. relaxing. So nice.

  • robena grant

    Happy mothers day to you too, Nan. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I’d been in a bit of a funk for a couple of weeks and today I had that wonderful thought of, “I’m back.” It made me smile.