If a Tree Falls…

So, it’s Monday morning and I have a book launch meeting in an hour and half, but I’m trying to commit to one blog a week at the very least. Blogging everyday is hard. For one thing, time is often my enemy and for another, I’m just not sure my life and thoughts are quite fascinating enough to record on a daily basis. Actually, my life is quite ordinary and my thoughts…well, some of them don’t need to be immortalized on the Web. Also, it’s Monday…and in my heart, I’m still at the lake, even though we made the drive back home last night.

We are deep into lake season already and it isn’t even June yet, but the weather has been so fantastic here, we can’t resist driving up every weekend. Hell, if we could get away with it, we’d go more often. This past weekend was gorgeous and delightful. We got our flowers out and I planted some basil in a darling flower box that my friend Mae gave me as a cottage-warming gift. Take a look—we are going to have bruschetta all summer long!

The flowers turned out lovely as well—the lake ladies and I went into town to find just the perfect plants and now our deck is dressed and ready for summer fun.(Click to enlarge the photos.)

  We went on a boat ride yesterday afternoon and had a ball—first time on the lake this season and we even got to jump in and take a swim. The water was cool, but not really very chilly, thanks to our extraordinarily mild winter. Felt fantastic to swim, so thanks to our friends who invited us for a ride. It was beee-yooo-tiful!

Our boat lift is almost ready for the water—as soon as the pontoon lift thingies (that’s the professional term for them) are bolted on, we’ll have it taken from our driveway to our boat slip and then we can bring our boat out of storage. Summer’s coming—nothing but good times ahead.

Okay, back to the falling tree question for the universe. Early this morning, we were awakened by wind and a very weird creaking noise out back. We looked out, but it was too dark to see anything, so we just went back to sleep. But to our surprise, when we checked out the back yard after we got up, we saw this. Apparently, the wind took out a limb from the large cottonwood tree in our woods. So, the answer to the burning question, “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” is yes.



  • robena grant

    It all looks so lovely. Bet you had an amazing weekend. I’m like you, a bit scattered today and yet just finished posting a blog. I ususally do it first thing in the morning, while drinking coffee. today I was surprised by a burst sprinkler and then had to do clean up, and decided to do some trimming…and three hours later… .

  • Judy, Judy, Judy

    Wow Nan I’m so glad you finally put that question to rest.
    Yesterday it was 90 degrees here. In May. Usually it’s 90 degrees in July and August. I’m going to be really grateful for the nice cooling lake this summer.
    Sounds like you’re grateful for your lake, too.

  • Betty Fokker

    I know how amazingly time consuming blogging every day can be. Boy Howdy, do I know it.

    Looks like you are in for a good time on the lake. The high might hit 100 this weekend. Which lake is it? Why haven’t I been invited up for a BBQ? :0)