Still here…

Well, I woke up this morning to birds singing and the sun trying to burn through a little spring fog. I was still in my own bed, in my own house  but I didn’t assume, as others might, that the Rapture had not happened and I didn’t get to go to heaven. I checked Yahoo! News and a couple of other sites for verification. Nope, it appears that we are all still here on Earth.

I’m so glad! I like it here, I like my life and my job and my friends and family. I like my little garden out in front of my house on the prairie. I like being an editor and I love being a writer. I’d really hate to leave this place before I got published–although being published in heaven (surely God will love my books!) would probably be pretty cool, too.

But, I’m still here, so I’ll just keep plugging along, writing and editing and keeping the faith that one day very soon I’ll get the same magical call that my dear friend Sandy ( got last week, telling me that my manuscript has been accepted.  It’s gonna happen and when it does, I will be…well, rapturous!

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