September Memos…


…yes, I know, I know!  It’s already October…sheesh!

Dear September,

What happened? One minute it was Labor Day weekend and we were sitting around a giant bonfire and eating fried fish; the next I’m turning over the page on the calendar in the kitchen. How exactly did I lose almost 30 days? One of which, by the way, just happened to be my birthday!

Confused and aging fast,



Dear DIL,

Thanks so much for helping make the surprise for Son so very much fun. The look on his face when I showed up on your doorstep with a 38-pound box of LEGOs in my arms was priceless.

“Mom?” Son’s expression was one of utter confusion. Struggling to hang onto the box, I replied, “Hi, I brought you your LEGOs.” A big smile replaced knit brows as he repeated joyfully, “Mom!” and gave me a giant hug. Thank heavens he was glad to see me or that could’ve been truly humiliating. Had a ball with you guys! Thanks again for everything!

Love, love, love you,



Dear Tiny Ants in My Kitchen,





Dear Career,

In general, I love you–copyediting is a pleasure for me and I enjoy making my authors sound as smart as they really are, but hey…this has been a hellacious couple of months and I’m ready for a break. So, I’m taking one…just as soon as I get this last two projects done… Then, I’m going to write! Finish novel #4 and rework #3. Yup, that’s the plan…

Brain-fried, but handling it…for now…



Dear Stanford University Campus,

Oh my gosh, I’d forgotten how incredibly beautiful you are. Your buildings and arches are extraordinary and your lawns, art, and fountains, exquisite. Such a treat to spend time walking along your pathways with Son. I’m bursting with pride that he’s studying for his PhD with you.  There is a stately feeling of peace on your lovely acres and yet also just a touch of California whimsy. Thoroughly enjoyed my day there.




Dear Grandboy,

Was there ever such a sweet-natured baby or one so incredibly cute? I don’t think so. Loved, loved spending time with you, little guy. You are such a good cuddler and your smile lights up a room. I’m so very glad I got to spend my birthday week with you. (And thanks to your Pops for giving me a plane ticket for my birthday! Isn’t he the best?)

Hugs and kisses galore,




Dear Santa Cruz,

Wow! Just…wow…

Still amazed,