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Life Gets in the Way…

…thus, I’m behind on my blogging. I could give you the litany of things that are keeping me from my true love, writing—both blogs and novels, but that’s not very interesting. Instead, here’s a quick update on my darling friend, Dee. She’s waiting to hear from MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. Her oncologist had Mayo send all her test results down there. They’re famous for diagnosing sarcomas and he feels strongly that we need a second opinion before we start pouring chemistry into her. So, basically, we’re still waiting. But Dee is back to work and pretty much maintaining her sanity by taking it day by day.

We went down to her home town last week to tend to some business and had a wonderful day talking about everything under the sun and reminiscing about raising our boys together. Things felt…normal. That sounds so silly, but the cancer is like the 800-lb. gorilla in the room, even between friends as close as Dee and I. When I’m with her, I just want to reach into her and pull it out and then hug her until she heals. Things had become just a little stilted between us because I felt guilty if we weren’t talking about her situation and she was good and sick of talking about her situation. We needed a day together that had nothing at all to do with her health, just to refocus our friendship and to remember what brought us together in the first place because that is the reason we are still such intimate friends. It was a good day. We’re back on a more normal footing now and I’m glad.

She goes down to Houston in about two weeks for a consultation and then we’ll have a more firm diagnosis and a plan. In the meantime, we’ll hang out as we always have and laugh and drink wine and bitch and moan and share secrets—sometimes plain old normal is the best.

In other news, here are some pics of the bonfire and fish fry we had up at the lake. I’m posting the one of Coach Mike and A’Lisa because they were our hosts for the event and worked hard to make it a fun time of great food and fellowship. Thanks, guys, it was fabulous! (A’Lisa, if he gets a big head because he’s featured in my blog again, just remind him that you’re featured too, and you’re the pretty one!! Love ya, sweetie!)

Lighting the “burn pile” is an annual event that brings everyone to the field behind the boat barns. Sis and BIL got a giant kick out of being in the line of golf carts edging the huge blaze (this isn’t even half of them). We know how to have fun at the lake, baby. Don’t ever doubt it!



  • Liz Flaherty

    Sometimes I think being a friend is as big a gift as having one–sounds like you and Dee have that down pat. I’m glad she’s doing so well and hope it continues that way.

  • robena grant

    I’m so glad you mentioned your friend Dee again. I wondered what was happening, but I didn’t like to ask. So glad you two have managed to keep your communication channels open and can laugh and talk about old times. I hope she gets wonderful news that she can work with from her visit to Houston.

    The bonfire at the lake looks awesome!

  • Susan Courtney

    Love to hear about life at the lake! We knew two people who went to Texas periodically for cancer treatment. They had good results.

    • Nan

      A’Lisa, I DO know Mike! And I’m glad to be getting to know both of you better this summer!

      Susan, thanks for stopping by and for the words of confidence about Houston. We’re hoping for some kind of news soon!

      Roben, bless you for your concern about Dee–I know she’s getting all the good energy you’ve been sending. Please, never hesitate to ask me about anything at all, okay? The bonfire was awesome! 😉