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Saturday Snippet (Okay, Sunday…)

Yesterday was a bit more zoo-y than I expected as we got Son and DIL’s cottage closed up for the summer and his boat pulled and winterized for storage, so I didn’t get to my Saturday post. It was a fun day with Son, though, and I got to take a final ride for the season in his fishing boat, which was a treat. Hardly anyone was on the lake, but man the shad were firing like crazy. It was kind of a crappy year for fishing (no crappie pun intended), but there are years like that. Husband and I were remembering the second or third year we had our cottage, it rained the entire summer. We barely had any boating time, it never got hot enough to warm up the water to a decent swimming temperature and the fishing sucked, too. But, as I said, there are years like that and Son is learning the different moods of lake life. Next year will be better–Covid will be in a downturn and the fishing will be fabulous.

In the meantime, check out this video I took of our bay yesterday, where the shad were getting happy. Last year around the end of September, lake buddy Moe and I actually swam with the fish firing all around us. It was surreal to know we could have reached out and grabbed a fish, they were that close to us!

Our snippet today is not really a snippet, but more some fun information. If you’ve ever thought you’d love to visit my fictional town of River’s Edge, Indiana, well…you can’t because it’s fiction. But here’s the next best thing: River’s Edge was inspired by the little Ohio River town of Madison, Indiana, which also happens to be one of my very favorite places to visit. Check it out here and if you’re ever in the mood for some small town charm, take a drive. Clifty Falls State Park is just north of town and there are a multitude of fun wineries on the Indiana Wine Trail, Southeast Indiana.

Writer bestie, Liz Flaherty, and I love this area and are planning another writing retreat there for 2021.  Here’s a shot of our writing retreat in Madison back in 2017. It was November and chilly, but still just amazing! The painting above the table where we were working inspired the River Queen, Aidan Flaherty’s showboat in Christmas with You, book 3 in the Four Irish Brothers Winery series. If you haven’t read it yet, give it a try–I think you’d enjoy it!

Gratitude for today: Our cozy lake cottage on a chilly, wet October Sunday; great memories of writing retreats with Liz; anticipation of more writing retreats with Liz; Soup for lunch; and having a writing day today.

Stay well and stay safe, mes amies, and most of all, stay grateful!



  • Janie DeVos

    Love this, Nan, and how I will be able to identify once we have our lake house.

    I would love to be part of the writers’ retreat. Just let me know when and I’m there!