Random Lack of Motivation…

I’m very unmotivated today. After a busy weekend and Monday spent finishing a rush job for my favorite client, I’m not in the least motivated to do much that is productive. So far this morning (it’s almost 9 am), I’ve checked my email, read a couple of blogs—including a great one from my friend, Roben about how words create pictures —and played around on Amazon, com. I ordered a new book for my Kindle and lent one of my Kindle books to a friend who’s going on a Rhine River cruise in a few days.  Have fun, Patt! I’m so jealous!!

It’s not like I don’t have plenty to do. I could start with a bike ride—I can certainly use the exercise. Then I could get the laundry going and do the ironing. Yes, I still iron. I actually enjoy it. There’s something very soothing about smoothing the wrinkles out of freshly washed cotton shirts and hanging them up in the closet all crisp and ready to wear. I could clean the guest bath and put the daybed in the guest room back together. I could weed, deadhead the gardens, and go down to TSC to buy the last of the flowers for the pots. I could clean the kitchen. I could sweep the sidewalk and the patio—some tree is shedding its little grainy seeds everywhere. I could get stuff together for the lake this weekend…the list is endless…

I could write. Ah, now there’s a thought. I could work on one of the two novels I have in progress or even outline the one currently lurking in the back of my brain. My beta reader is very patiently waiting for the next chapters, which are actually going to be the concluding chapters of the romantic suspense. If I get it done, I could get it polished and sent to my agent. I could even catch up on Sunday’s StoryWonk podcast, which I missed because I had houseguests. I love listening to Lani and Alastair banter as they talk about stories and writing.

Yup…I could do all that.  Or…I could curl up in the big overstuffed chair in the living room with my Kindle and finish reading my friend, Judy’s new middle-grade novel Ghosts in the Gazebo. Coffee’s still hot and there’s a lovely breeze coming in from the front window. Sunshine is streaming in across the chair and carpet, making a warm golden path that’s so inviting…





  • cindy MUeller

    I think you should. Sit and read. But I must admit i finished you book and I am ready for more!!!

  • Nan

    Welcome to my world, Liz!! 😉

    Roben, we ARE sisters! Loved my friend’s middle grade mystery, and am getting ready to listen to Storywonk while I make bruschetta. Got laundry done, guest room put back together, bathroom cleaned and and a contract written up for a new client. I’m doing okay…oh, and I did finish the book. Just need to write my friend and tell her how great it was.

    I’m trying to catch up on Jenny’s blog and hope to write at the lake this weekend. Most of our lake pals are elsewhere this weekend, so I can write while Husband works on the boat lift.

  • robena grant

    Nan, I’ve always said we were sisters. : 0
    I just motivated myself by taking a walk around the lake and figured I’d come home and do some ironing while it’s still cool. I’m also reading a middle grade book by an author pal and totally enjoying her voice (she’s our age so I think that’s a major coup.) I did listen to Storywonk Sunday while giving myself a manicure, and I’ve been doing the final (I hope) rewrite on my Italian story and reading all of the writing discussions on Jenny Crusie’s blog That has helped me to keep plugging away. My edits arrive back from the editor on Saturday. Am trying to do errands etc. in advance, so why am I playing on the computer? : )

  • Nan

    Thanks, Mary–I’d love to have my house “sparkled”!! FB tells me you do live kind far though…darn!

    Judy, you’re so sweet! I probably don’t deserve it, but I did finish the book, and just in time for a new editing gig to show up. I’m writing…I promise, I’m writing!

  • Judy, Judy, Judy

    I’m torn between saying you should relax and read the novel cause it sounds like you deserve it or saying you should write cause that means we have another Nan book to read sooner rather than later.


    Hi Nan….you are wearing me out….It’s Tuesday…relax…it’ll keep…I’m ready to head out to “sparkle ” a house…if I lived close to you, I could “sparkle ” yours and that would be one less thing to keep you from finishing your “Ghosts in the Gazebo” novel….enjoy the relaxing breezes and streaming sun….