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On Promotion…And Some News!

So…promotion…I’m not great at it. Some might even say I suck at it.

I love writing, I love putting a new book out into the world, I love it when people read said book and leave glowing reviews. Heck, I don’t even mind not-so-glowing reviews–at least they read it, right? What I don’t love is promotion.

I’m just not good at it–it doesn’t fit me. I’m uncomfortable in the Look-at-Me suit that you have to put on in order to market books. I’m fortunate that my publisher, Tule Publishing, is so great at helping out with promotion, otherwise I’d probably never sell a book. And they motivate me to get out into the world (virtual right now) and push my Four Irish Brothers Winery books. I’m also very lucky to have wonderful author buds who will shout out my books and a clutch of loyal readers who do the same for me. And I’ve discovered the gift of book promotion companies, who do the heavy lifting for me and wow, does that ever help! I also love that Tule has the Tule Book Club FB group, which is a load of fun for both authors and readers to interact with one another. If you aren’t a member, hop over and join. I’ll wait here for you.

A lot of the writers I know aren’t good at it. Promotion means coming out of our little writing caves and interacting with the reading public. I wish I could describe how intimidating that is. Although when I’m with my crew, I’m pretty outgoing, I don’t do well with crowds of strangers, whether physical or virtual. I’m getting better, though, as I get more experience at promo, but honestly, I’d rather write. All that said, this post is really about thanking all of you who’ve helped promote my Four Irish Brothers Winery books–they’ve enjoyed huge success thanks to you, my loyal readers.

Now the news: We aren’t leaving River’s Edge. In fact, we’re meeting a whole new family from our little Ohio River town. The Langes of River’s Edge are three brothers, Becker, Ryker, and Max, who are all first responders, and who are all ready to fall in love. First up is Ryker, the cop, who’s always been a bit of a playboy type, but suddenly falls head-over-heels with the Flaherty’s cousin, Kitt, who’s just arrived from Ireland. A real, true love-at-first-sight story! But she’s just not ready to open her heart…yet. Becker and Max’s stories are brewing, too, so I hope you’ll stay tuned here…




  • Valri Western

    I’m so glad you are staying at River’s Edge! I’m not ready to live that charming town! I hope the Flahertys will make appearances now and then 🙂

  • Betty Sandstrom

    Can’t wait … looking forward to new series and new family …. HOORAY! I’m an “e-reader” ’cause I’m 87 and love to read the previous books each time a new release comes out!!!!! That way I can catch up on previous books which bring me up-to-date for the new one! I also live in Indiana, South Bend, and love reading books that are set in my state.

    • Nan

      Betty, thanks so much for stopping by! I delighted you’re looking forward to the new series. And you’re a fellow Hoosier! Fun! Liz and I stopped in South Bend for lunch last fall on our way home from Michigan–had a delish lunch right no the river! Keep an eye out here for news and probably some excerpts from the new series! Hugs!

  • Liz Flaherty

    You’ve become a whiz at promotion, even though I know you don’t like it all that well. Of course, having a quality product to promote is a good thing, too!