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Nan in Search of Clarity–Day 4

Sometimes clarity comes because you’re having a pretty okay day. Today was pretty okay. I got my hair blonded and cut and I worked. Did the rest of the first read-through on my current editing gig. Great story! I love it when a story captures me to the point that doing any kind of editing is pointless until I’ve read the whole thing through first.  Finished it this afternoon and started the actual edit, but it’s mostly mechanics. This is a first-rate writing and I love it!

Titanic Blood And Steel 2012Tonight, we watched the newest episode of Outlander. I confess I’m hooked–as hooked as I was/am on the novels. These books are huge–both literally and figuratively. Diana Gabaldon is a true storyteller and clearly a deluxe researcher. The books are breathtaking and so is the Starz series. They’ve done an outstanding job bringing the books to life. If they end up doing all the books, they’re in the money for the next eight or nine years. The music is great too–that opening theme is so haunting and beautiful.

Dee is back in the hospital. They did a CT scan yesterday and we haven’t heard the results yet. It’s been quite a while since she’s been in the hospital, and although I know that this will happen as she progresses through this disease, I still hate it and get a knot in my stomach when they admit her. I don’t want her to suffer when the chemistry they have to pour into her sometimes affects her badly. Yet, I know the chemistry is also buying us time, so I’m torn about it. I confess, it’s often hard to see how much she’s changed–her body so frail and her life so altered. She is still Dee through it all though, and that’s a blessing. Our conversations don’t all center on her cancer and I think that’s what makes our friendship special. As always, we focus on our mutual interests and I try to be her “normal” in what has become a very not-normal reality for her.

Tomorrow is church and honestly, I can’t remember the last time I went to church on Easter Sunday–it’s been quite a while. I’m glad to be going. The church is a good one–full of good folks and an amazing pastor who’s a great preacher. The music is always inspiring and the feeling of family is truly present. I’m not a great church-goer, but at least this is one where when I do go, I feel the presence of the Spirit and that makes me want to be there more frequently.

Five things I’m grateful for today:

  1. The laundry is all done and folded and put away
  2. More green is showing in our yard
  3. Lent is over tomorrow (wine!)
  4. Living in a time where shows like Outlander are a part of everyday life
  5. Caring friends who’ve sent me private messages about this blog–thank you, mes amies!