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Nan In Search of Clarity–Day 22

post office magnoliaI said yesterday that we’re having a true Midwest springtime this year, and so we are. Today has been gray and chilly–like in the 30s and 40s chilly–with the occasional burst of sunshine. The last few years, we’ve just skipped spring and went from winter to hot summer, so this is unusual. I’m glad though because one thing I like about living in the Midwest (there are lots of things, actually) is experiencing all four seasons. However, I confess I spent the afternoon in the cottage and even now, I’m wrapped in a sweater and a blanket.

This morning, we went to Bailey’s Discount Center–a giant warehouse of…well, stuff. It’s a fascinating place, full of everything you can imagine from tools to cereal, sofas to candles, placemats to canned goods, gasoline engines to… wait for it… kitchen sinks! We didn’t have a single thing in mind to buy when we drove the 30-odd miles up there. We just went for the walking we knew we could do in this 200,000-square-foot building because it was too dang cold and windy to walk outside. The drive was lovely with blooming trees and freshly turned fields and the scent of spring in the air.

IMG_0174But I have to tell you, we were a little wary of driving up there today because last time we attempted a trip to Bailey’s, we got the call that our friend David had died. Isn’t it funny how things like that make you superstitious? Husband must have known David was in my mind because after several minutes of riding in silence, he finally said, “I sure hope the drive up here had nothing to do with David’s passing. I’d hate to have to give up Bailey’s for fear of knocking our friends off one shopping trip at time.”  😉

I know he didn’t mean anything grim–he was simply trying to make me smile because he knew that the drive up made me wistful about David and how much I miss him, which of course led me right to thinking of Kate and how much I miss her. I had to smile at him because he’s so dear and so funny and sweet. Ironically, as we drove up, I checked my email on my iPhone and damned if there wasn’t a note from a friend whose uncle had died yesterday. What is the connection with the drive to Bailey’s and people dying?! We chalked it up to weirdness and continued on up anyway, and I’m so glad we did.

IMG_0178Because you know, it doesn’t matter what you plan, when you go to Bailey’s, you will find something you can’t live without. We did. Here’s our haul, which included (in case you can’t tell from the photo) tissues, peaches, placemats, jersey gloves, a set of three glass casserole dishes, candles, washcloths, grill cleaner, and lots of other cool stuff. We also got a great walk in!

Five Things I’m Grateful for Today:

  1. The scent of freshly plowed fields
  2. We saw a huge hawk on a fence post as we drove
  3. Talking to Son while we drove–the new car has Bluetooth, so we both got to chat with him and that is so cool!
  4. Wine with Moe and Rich this evening
  5. Harry Potter! Man! I’m reading Book 1 for the very first time and I can barely stand to put it down!