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Nan In Search of Clarity–Day 21

rancho zabacoYeah, I missed it again. I’d like to say I have a great excuse, but of course, I don’t. This time it was the wine. I wasn’t stinko or anything like that, but we had a dinner guest here at the lake. We had a fabulous meal (compliments of Husband’s and my committee effort of spaghetti and salad and bruschetta) and even more fabulous conversation, and of course… fabulous wine. We opened a bottle of 2010 Rancho Zabaco zin…man, is this stuff good wine with pasta! We shared it and then finished the bottle of merlot we had already opened yesterday, so I was mellow. More mellow than I thought, apparently, because after Ron left and I’d cleaned up the kitchen, I sat down to read, thinking I’d blog after I’d read a chapter or two. Ummmm…it’s now 6:30 the next day. Good wine and good food and good fellowship = good sleep. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

So something I noticed yesterday is that I don’t knit at the lake. I think that’s strange because I love, love to knit. I knit at home when I watch TV and when I got to chemo with Dee. I always bring my knitting with me, I knit in the car on the way up, and I intend to knit while I’m here, but somehow, I never open my knitting bag. After our walk yesterday, I gave this matter serious thought as I sat here (not knitting). I probed deeply into my own rather convoluted and currently rather messed-up psyche, thinking there had to be something about the lake and knitting that wasn’t connecting for me and trying to figure a way to make knitting a part of lake life.

Well, the answer is kinda simple really–actually, pretty much a “well, duh!” kind of response. We don’t have television here and at home, I knit when I watch TV. That’s all there is to it… so, I guess I need to learn to knit without the tube. I can probably do that. 😉

Five Things I’m Grateful for Today (well, yesterday!):

  1. A real spring, not the winter into hot weather we’ve had the last few years
  2. Son’s excitement over his dad’s upcoming visit
  3. Wine
  4. All the blooming trees–redbuds, magnolias, cherry trees, apple trees, everything’s gorgeous this year thanks to real spring!
  5. The new furniture arrangement in the cottage living room is really great–I like it!


  • Robena Grant

    That makes sense, no TV, no knitting. The other thing is maybe you’re outdoors more at the lake than when at home. I know when I visit my mother (who does not own a computer) I never think about social media obligations, or email, yet at home I visit all of my regular sites and blogs first thing every morning. Without thinking about it.
    What do I do that is different at Mom’s? I talk. All the time. 🙂

    • Nan

      That’s probably true, Roben. When I’m at the lake, I am outside more and with people more and not inside where knitting happens. And yeah, talking is big at the lake–talking and wine! 😉 Thanks for coming by!