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Nan in Search of Clarity–Day 13

willie wonka own blogYeah,well, maybe not so much. These posts can’t all be brilliant or even interesting for that matter. I’m almost halfway through my 30 days of blogging and my creative well is about as empty as it’s ever been tonight. Well, maybe it’s not really empty…maybe I’m just not able to reach far enough down right now to capture any great thoughts. I don’t even really have much in the way of feelings today–it was just a blah one.

Nothing all that fascinating happened. It was raining when we first woke up, so we snuggled under the blankets and went back to sleep. We ran some errands after we got motivated to go out in the rain and sorta talked about whether we’d ever want to move up here to the lake. I think not right now, even though I love this little town and being near the water and all our dear friends here.

It’s this though–if we moved here, it would no longer be a getaway. A small, but important part of lake life is the getaway factor. Plus, all our friends here go south in the winter, so we’d be here all by ourselves in a town that basically caters to summer tourists. I suspect winters here would be long and lonely, although I guess if we moved here, we’d find things to do… and I’d be closer to Liz, which would be really fantastic…unless she decided to go south for the winter too… Besides, there’s more to do in the city–symphony, museums, plays, better shopping… Costco… The Wine Guy…

But I don’t think I could stand to be so far away from PJ all the time–I need her and I think she needs me, too. Me being away part of the summer will be hard for her and I’m going to encourage her to come up with us as much as she can this summer. It will be hard on me if she goes to Mexico in the winter, so I’m guessing I’ll have to find a way to go down and spend a little time with her there.

loonsAnother reason to keep two places is that we just joined church and I’d like to get to know the folks there better. I know there are snowbirds in the congregation–folks who spend all winter away in warmer climes. I like to think of us as the opposite of snowbirds–would that be lake loons? Folks who stay away all summer in search of cooler lake breezes?

And then there’s Husband’s mother, who’ll be ninety years old this year. She’s pretty independent, but we need to be around. And I’d miss Connie too much and Dee and Di and Patty and Marta, Suz, and Charlie and Bon and all my friends there at home. So no to moving to the lake for now. I won’t say never because it’s always a bad idea to say never about anything at all. And I will say this, if we ever do decide to move and I can’t live in Paris, well, the lake would be a nice second choice…

Five Things I’m Grateful for Today:

  1. An email from someone who’s reading TSOSC–she said, “I can’t believe I’m crushing on a guy named Henry!” Fun!!
  2. Finished the edit I’ve been working on and the client seems pleased. I can invoice!
  3. First outdoor Beer-30 of the season! Nice!
  4. Got all the paperwork done on the new car
  5. The new novel is starting to poke at me…