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Mushy Mind…

…and wow, is it bad right now! I have a very bad case of mind mush—my ability to focus and function is seriously out of whack. I’m not sure if it’s because the weather is changing or that I’m finally sleeping again or the poison ivy that’s driving me crazy or allergies or what, but for some reason, my brain is muddled. My grandmother used to say she was muzzy—isn’t that a great word? I’m muzzy.

Example 1: I went back in the house twice this afternoon before I finally took off for my errands. Once to make sure I’d unplugged all the hair stuff in the bathroom (I had) and then again to get a jacket because, duh! I forgot it wasn’t 75 degrees outside. Then I pulled out of the garage, shut the door, and went down the drive. At the end of the driveway, I thought, “Did I shut the garage door?” So I backed up and checked to see that it was down. It was. Then before I took off, I had to consider whether or not I’d turned off the coffeepot, but fortunately, before I made a third trek back into the house, I remembered that I didn’t make coffee this morning. See? Muzzy.

Example 2: I finally got on the road, headed to the north end for my bimonthly (Is that every two months? Because that’s what I’m going for here.) trip to Costco. The drive was uneventful, but once I got parked, I couldn’t find my list. Now, you don’t want to go to Costco without a list because if you do, you’ll end up with lots of stuff you never intended to buy. I emptied my purse on the front seat of the car, looked in all my pockets, and was just about to give it up and try to recreate the list on a napkin from Starbucks when I remembered that said list was in my phone. I’d made it there on my memo app because I’m really bad about losing lists… Phone was in my pocket, I was good to go.

Example 3: Last one, I promise, and it’s simple and easy. I forgot to send in a status report for the book I”m currently editing. This is a weekly event for this client and a pretty easy thing to do, but when I got home today, there was a note from my PE asking for the status report. I could’ve sworn I sent it on Friday (when it was due), but when I checked, I saw that although it’s on a sticky note on my computer, I hadn’t done it. I did it with an apology to the PE. I also forgot to sign up to do 8-Sentence Sunday last week, so that’s why it was missing from my blog yesterday.

This isn’t aging. You know what? I think I need to start writing again. Amidst all the other muzziness in my head, characters are milling about, trying to get their story out. I’ve got the third Women of Willow Bay book well started and the fourth is notes on scraps of paper that are clipped together and riding around in my laptop bag. When I’m writing, my life feels more organized, whether it really is or not. Plus I’m back to my regular winter 3-days-a-week pool schedule—swimming can only help too, right?

Because this isn’t aging… right?

Just to make us all feel better about life and it’s many mysteries, here’s Son and Grandboy, mugging for DIL’s camera. Life really is all okay…jason _Cam whether we’re focused or not…


  • robena grant

    I usually say my brain has turned to mush. : ) It happens when a book releases. There are so many things to coordinate, and you’re mind is going in so many directions at the same time that things get mushy. Gradually, as you cross off the things on your list your thoughts will become more organized. And, it has nothing to do with age. ; )

    • Nan

      Hey, Roben! You are so right–I’ve been so busy with the releases, I’m all turned around and muzzy! Things seem to be easing up and I actually got some writing done today. YAY!

  • Liz Flaherty

    Oh, what a beautiful picture! And to paraphrase what Lani said the other day, (and Krissie and T. S. Eliot and Julian of Norwich or somewhere.) …all will be well, all will be well, all manner of thing shall be well…