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Monday (& Sunday) Snippet: The Vacation is Winding Down Edition

Right off, here is my breakfast view this morning–our hotel is at Berkeley Marina. Pretty.

I didn’t post last night because really, all we did yesterday was fly from Kona to San Francisco. A long plane ride during which I slept a lot and Son worked, and then we played some Trivia together on the screen in front of his seat. We did walk down to a lovely al fresco breakfast in Kona before we packed up and headed to the airport. The Kona airport is… interesting. Everything’s outside, even the gates, you get to your plane by walking across the tarmac and climbing up a rolling flight of stairs.

We didn’t eat on the flight to SFO, which left two-ish from Kona (Island time) and landed at SFO at 8:30 PST, so we were hungry by the time we got to California. Unfortunately, the only open gate was in the international terminal and our plane had to be towed into it for reasons that were beyond me. So we walked from there to United’s baggage claim (a good long walk and a good long wait) and then got on the air train for the rental car pickup. By the time we got going, it was about 10 p.m., and FYI, there’s not too many restaurants between SFO and Berkeley Marina that are open at that hour on a Sunday night.

Son, always a problem solver, ended up having burgers door-dashed to us at the hotel, and we did manage to sneak into the hotel bar for a quick beer before they closed while we waited on our delivery. We were so dead tired, we downed our burgers and fell immediately asleep.

Dr. Son is doing the professor thing at UC Berkeley today and I’m hanging out at the hotel writing and probably reading and napping. So vacation is winding down. We do get to have supper tonight with one of Son’s colleagues and his wife and then tomorrow, I’m meeting a sweet Zoom buddy for lunch, which will be fun! After Son gets done working, we’re meeting another colleague/friend for supper before heading to SFO to catch the red-eye home. Another new adventure for old Mom, I’ve never flown a red-eye before. (I’m fairly sure that’s not going to be the treat that Hawaii was…)

I’m ready to go home and be with Husband again, and I’m sure Son is ready to see DIL and Grandboy and settle back into his normal life as well. Don’t we all feel that way as vacations come to a close? Thanks to all of you for coming along on the journey with me. I sure enjoyed sharing it with you! One last shot of the Hawaii sun setting over the Pacific… and I’m back to my regular blog programming–Sunday Snippets and Author Spotlights.

Stay well, stay safe, (Son and I donned our masks for airports and flights in an attempt to keep from giving or receiving Covid or flu in those crowded venues), be kind, and most of all, mes amies, stay grateful always!