I’m So Special…

My pal Skye Hughes  nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award. Thanks, Skye!

The Liebster Award requires the following (which I snagged directly from Skye’s post):

  1. You must tell 11 things about yourself
  2. Answer the questions your nominator gives you.
  3. Create 11 questions for the bloggers you nominate.
  4. Choose blogs with fewer than 200 followers and link them to your post.
  5. If you’re nominated, please leave a comment on this post with the URL of  your Liebster Award post.

In the interest of keeping this blog post down to novella size, I’m going to say that answering the 11 questions below covers the first rule, which is to tell 11 things about myself. So here go the questions Skye left for me:

1.  If you could go anywhere in the world for a long visit, say three to six months, where would you go?

Paris. Always, always Paris, with the option to travel around to see more of France.

What’s your favorite kind of movie to watch?

I’m pretty eclectic about movies—just entertain me, and don’t scare the pee out of me or gross me out and I’m onboard. I probably enjoy a good romantic comedy best though.

If money were no object, what kind of home would you have?

For summers, a  big cedar and glass house overlooking Lake Michigan in Saugatuck or Whitehall or Frankfort with lots of porches and decks and plenty of  room for family and friends, and an apartment in Paris for the rest of the year—one in an old building with high, bas-relief ceilings and huge windows that overlook a park or the river.

Have you ever wanted to be in movies or on TV?

Nope. Although I’ve often dreamed of really being a character from a movie (not the actor, the actual character they’re playing). You know, imagined myself in the situation…

What is your dream job?

My own job is pretty perfect, but the dream job would be to be a world-famous, wealthy novelist with houses in Paris and Michigan and San Francisco and all the time in the world to write.

Do you prefer to wear dresses/skirts or pants?

I prefer yoga pants–they’re unbelievably comfortable and they always look great.

What is your favorite kind of weather?

I like warm sunny summer days, especially if I’m at the lake or crisp fall days anywhere.

Do you like to work with your hands? If so, doing what?

I like to use my fingers on my keyboard to write my books. Is that working with my hands? I’m not at all crafty and arty, but I do like to bake.

Do you prefer to drive or be driven?

To be driven, unless I’m traveling alone, then obviously, I’d rather drive. 😉

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done?

Weirdest? Really? I’m very ordinary. When we were kids, my sister, PJ, and I used to go into the grocery store and pretend one of us was blind. It was kind of a hoot. Or I’d speak French and she’d traslate everything for me. Other than that, not much weird going on here.

Do you prefer to shop at stores, through catalogs, or over the Internet?

I hate to shop in any way, shape, or form.  If  forced to pick one, I guess I’d say thank heaven for Amazon.com and LandsEnd.com.

I’m nominating the following three people:


And here are your questions:

  1. What is your favorite season or time of the year?
  2. Do you play or have you ever played a musical instrument?
  3. What’s the easiest way to make you laugh?
  4. What’s your favorite color?
  5. Name the best movie kiss ever.
  6. What’s the meanest thing you’ve ever done?
  7. Have you ever eaten something until you got sick? What was it?
  8. What have you taught others that you are most proud of?
  9. Where’s one place in the world you’ve never been that you’d love to visit?
  10. What’s one book that inspired you to be a writer?
  11. What’s your fondest childhood memory?

Have fun, Mes Amies!

As for the rest of you, pick a question from the list above and answer it here in the comments just for kicks and giggles, okay?


  • Margie

    Loved your answers and what fun! I’m going to answer #5 from your list. Best movie kiss. I have two favorites off the top of my head.

    The hottest kiss comes from Dangerous Beauty when Marco (Rufus Sewell) bursts into Veronica’s bedroom. And if you’ve never seen Dangerous Beauty, do so soon. Best Love Story ever.

    The sweetest kiss comes from Never Been Kissed when Michael Vartan marches down those stadium steps and takes Drew Barrymore into his arms. Ahhh. heavy sigh.

  • Liz Flaherty

    Hi, Nan! Keep an eye out, everybody–my questions will be coming soon! And while I’m here, I’ll answer #1. The Aran Islands in Ireland, where I would write and walk and go to the pub until time to go to bed, then next day I would do the same thing over again.