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Day Two

worry vs peaceIt went pretty well today. Oh, the knot’s still there and yeah, I perseverated over a thing or two, but mostly, a calm day. I finished a big editing gig and yes, okay, I went over it one extra time, but only because this one is for a really, really big-name author and her big-name publisher. I’m looking at that as just being extra careful, not actually worrying. Hey, look, it’s my Lenten sacrifice, so I get to define it, right?

Otherwise, except for crying at dearest PJ’s response to yesterday’s post (gosh, I love my sister!), I handled life today with a peaceful heart and a looser belly. I didn’t overeat and I got to text the debate with Son–always a fun and enlightening experience. I’m still feeling the Bern and so is he, so nothing’s changed, but it was an interesting debate.

IMG_0749Husband went to the grocery store today, which to me is like a delicious, generous gift because I would almost rather have my gums scraped than go to the grocery store. And not only did he do the grocery shopping, he brought me a small package of four fresh, chocolate-covered strawberries for Valentine’s Day. He presented them with a flourish and a sexy kiss and man oh, man, I love this guy! It was exactly the perfect Valentine’s Day treat–not too much, some good fruit and dark and white chocolate. Poifect! Plus, on Sunday, he’s taking me to the symphony for a salute to Frank Sinatra. Have I mentioned that I love this guy?

worrier yogaI think if I’m going to try to blog regularly through Lent, it might be good to include a little bit of gratitude, especially since I sincerely believe that a grateful heart trumps (sorry!) a knotty stomach every time. Today, I’m very grateful for my sister, PJ, and for all my dear friends, in particular Dee, who spent over a half hour on the phone with me this morning, just chatting, and Ava, Judith, and Margie, who all Facebooked me “don’t worry, be happy” memes. One opens this post, the other is just to the left here. Aren’t they great? Thanks, Ladies!