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Days 3 and 4

So, I never promised I’d blog every day, now did I?  As it happens, I did some serious worrying on Friday night, but I talked it out with Husband and it got better–imagine that. Yesterday was the monthly IRWA meeting, which was fun and enlightening and just plain enjoyable. I loved seeing all my romance writing buddies, getting to know a couple of them a little better, and having pizza after the meeting. A big question about my job in the organization (which, yes I had tucked into the knot in my stomach because . . . well . . .it’s me) got resolved in a very good way, so all in all, yesterday counts as a success.

african-violetsI confess to still worrying a tiny bit. I have a couple of friends who are dealing with sick parents, but I’m praying and sending lots of healing, peaceful light to them, so I’m doing all I can do. I’m wondering if I’ll get the job from the potential client I just did a little test for and whether or not I’ll have time to get everything done and still write. I’m hoping I didn’t give PJ’s African violets too much water on Friday and stressing a little about the primaries and who will eventually be running for president and if the little twinge in my abdomen is telling me that my diverticulitis is kicking up again. I’m also worried over DIL flying across the ocean as she heads home to Son and Grandboy. But the good news there is she’s coming home and the three of them will be in each arms again.

So unknot your stomach, Nan. All of above? It’s out of your control entirely. Well, except for maybe the African violet thing. Maybe I’ll read on the Web and see how much they actually need before we go back again . . . hmmmm . . .

Gratitude for today: My friends in IRWA, finished a big project and a good start on another one, today is the ISO‘s Frank Sinatra Centennial Celebration, I can write tonight, and book sales are still doing okay. Life is good.


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