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The Empty Bed Review

Book 2 in the Burial Society Series

I was fortunate enough to receive a ARC of The Empty Bed, Nina Sadowsky’s latest installment of the Burial Society series, and wow, what a thrill ride! I both loved, and I confess, was sometimes confused by, the various POVs and settings, but that didn’t keep me from reading well into the night with a driving need to know what happened next, and isn’t that what a thriller is all about? Sadowsky’s artful prose takes you on an intriguing adventure with operatives from the witness protection program/detective agency she created previously in The Burial Society as three different stories intertwine in three different parts of the world. Another exciting read with characters who intrigue you, exotic settings that put you right into the action, and plot twists that keep you guessing right to the last page.

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Book Blast Tour


I tell you, mes amies, this book release has been quite a ride! In addition to releasing CHRISTMAS WITH YOU, book 3 in the Four Irish Brothers Winery series, my amazing publisher arranged a BookBub promotion of the first book in the series, A SMALL TOWN CHRISTMAS. The promotion was spectacular and resulted in putting that book in the #1 spot on the Amazon Kindle Free Books list for a few days. I was astounded and delighted at the read-through rate for book 2, MEANT TO BE and the newly released Christmas with You. Folks grabbed the free book and then immediately went back to download the other two in the series. Reviews have been fantastic and the read-through has even pushed sales of my Women of Willow Bay series. I’m so heartened and touched that readers like my free book enough to see what else is out there by Nan Reinhardt.

The fun continues starting December 2 and going through December 6 with a Book Blast Blog Tour for Christmas with You presented by Goddess Fish Promotions. So watch my Facebook page and Twitter for the places to go each day, where you can enter to win a $10 Starbucks gift card and a set of six handmade wine charms. I’m giving away five prize packages to five lucky winners in the continental US, so don’t miss the chance to enter.

In the meantime, enjoy the rest of this glorious holiday weekend–I’m stuffed full of turkey and cranberries and dressing and pie, are you? I’m hoping to work off some of the extra calories by heading to the new house to do some painting and cleaning to get ready for new carpet on Tuesday and then the movers on Thursday. Can’t wait to get in and make that sweet house our home. Then next Saturday, December 7, I’ll be at Whyte Horse Winery in Monticello, IN doing a book signing with my bestie, Liz Flaherty, whose new book THE HEALING SUMMER is now available at book retailers everywhere. There will be books and fun and wine and a drawing to win a gift bag full of goodies. If you’re in the area, stop by and see us!

Yeah, life is crazy busy right now and I’m pretty much going in twenty different directions, but I am so blessed and joy keeps me afloat. Gratitude for today: my life–right now, it’s pretty amazing. Remember, mes amies, hold your face to the sun, be grateful for all things, and love well. Oh, and keep in touch!


Celebrating Indiana Romance Authors: Cheryl Brooks


I’m delighted to introduce you to another amazing Indiana romance author, who also happens to be one of my critique partner and another of my dear friends, Cheryl Brooks. A native of Louisville, Kentucky, Cheryl is a former critical care nurse who resides in rural Indiana with her husband, two sons, two horses, three cats, and one dog. She is the author of the ten-book Cat Star Chronicles series, the Cowboy Heaven series (two books and one novella), the Soul Survivors trilogy, the four-book Unlikely Lovers series, and several stand-alone books and novellas. Look for The Trouble With Star Travel, the first book in her new Cat Star Legacy series from Sourcebooks in September 2018. Her other interests include cooking and gardening. Cheryl is a member of RWA and IRWA. I had a chance to interview her this month–enjoy! Oh, and be sure to find all her social media information at the end of this post, as well as an excerpt from Echoes from the Deep.

NAN: Welcome, Cheryl–so glad you could join me!

CHERYL: Hi Nan! Thanks for inviting me to your blog!

NAN: When did you first consider yourself a writer?

CHERYL: Many authors would probably answer that question with the day they finally got “The Call” from an agent or editor. I believe it begins long before that.

Of all the stories I worked on when I was in my twenties—and there were several—I can’t recall actually finishing any of them. It wasn’t until much later (and the acquisition of a word-processing computer) that I wrote “The End” on a book. That was the point at which I was able to print out the manuscript and actually have someone else read it. Anyone can start writing a book. It takes a writer to finish one.

NAN: Do you think a writer should write every day?

CHERYL: It’s probably a good idea to get into that habit, but it isn’t always possible. Life gets in the way, and a break now and then is good for the creative soul. Sometimes I write better when I have limited time—a deadline or even that hour before something I want to watch comes on TV. That being said, unless you’re one of those who’ve plotted out your entire story before you ever start writing (I am not one of those people) you don’t always know exactly what’s coming next, even with a deadline approaching. Sometimes a story has to percolate a while before it’s ready to flow again.

NAN: What is the hardest thing about writing a series?

CHERYL: When you create a world, that world has certain rules, people, and places. If that world is the setting of an entire series, keeping track of the details is tough. Many writers keep a sort of handbook for the series because relying on memory doesn’t work very well. I always have a copy of my books on my desk and the digital files in my computer so I can search a word or a character. Even so, I once changed a character’s hair color in a later book because I remembered her as a blonde when she was actually a redhead. To date, no reader has ever brought that to my attention, so I’m guessing she probably should’ve been a blonde from the very beginning.

NAN: Have you had to make sacrifices for your writing, and if so, what are they?

CHERYL: Writing a book takes an unbelievable amount of time, which makes time the obvious sacrifice.  One by one, and for various reasons (some not related to writing) I’ve given up horseback riding, singing and guitar playing, my nursing job, and reading for pleasure. I still watch some TV in the evenings, but there was a time when even I stopped doing that. At some point, I realized that taking a break from the writing was good for my mental and physical health. For the past year, I’ve been trying to lose weight and get more exercise, so some of my writing time had to be sacrificed for that.

NAN: What sets you apart from other authors in your genre?

CHERYL: There are two things that set me apart from the majority of paranormal romance authors. First off, my heroes are not the typical alpha male, be they human or super-sexy alien. They’re strong and capable, but they’re still more beta than alpha. I don’t like the alpha male type, so I don’t write them.

Secondly, there is humor in my writing. Some readers have been surprised to find humor in my erotic or paranormal romances. Some have even questioned whether it was intentional. Of course it was! When I read a book or watch a movie, I’m doing it to be entertained, and for me, that includes laughter. If a story is all darkness and angst, I feel let down, even if the good guys triumph in the end. I want to experience romance, passion, and excitement, but there is room for so much more than that in a good story.

NAN: What show have you recently binge-watched?

CHERYL: Season 3 of Broadchurch is an easy series to get sucked into because not only is it well-written and acted, it takes an entire season to solve the crime. By the time you reach the last episode, you still aren’t positive whodunit. Season 2 of The Crown is another good one. I binge-watched Season 1 when I had the flu last winter and got hooked on it. In many ways, Queen Elizabeth’s story relates to our story because the events that shaped her world also shaped ours.

NAN: How do you keep sane as a writer?

CHERYL: There are times when I don’t believe I’ve been entirely successful at maintaining my sanity, and it’s possible that most writers are a little crazy to begin with. Nobody in their right mind would spend as much time as writing requires with so little remuneration. Also, what you write is an integral part of who you are, where you’ve been, and what you hope to become. Sharing that with the world takes a certain amount of daring, egotism, courage, and, yes, insanity.

NAN: Tell us what you are currently working on or promoting.

CHERYL: I’m currently writing the second book in my new Cat Star Legacy series, which is a “Second Generation” spinoff of my Cat Star Chronicles series. The first Legacy book, The Trouble With Star Travel, won’t be released until September, so I’m still promoting my Soul Survivors trilogy. This series is based on a dream I had about being in a plane crash, and the story grew to become a paranormal romantic suspense trilogy that follows the lives of three women who survive the crash only to discover that they’ve somehow acquired the spirits of those who perished. It’s different from anything I’ve ever written, more mystery than romance, and the heat level is down considerably from my other works, but the stakes are so much higher. As it happens, book 1 of the trilogy, Echoes From the Deep, is on sale right now for just 99 cents. Here are some buy links if you’d like the start the series at this great low price. All three Sole Survivors novels are available in both print and e-book formats, so I hope you’ll hustle to your favorite book retailer and get started!

Echoes From the Deep Buy Links


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Soul Survivors Book 1: Echoes From the Deep:

Jilted by her fiancé, Jillian Dulaine elects to go on her honeymoon alone. When her plane dives into the sea, she survives with the help of the souls of three women who perished in the crash.

London Times reporter Ranjiv Tenali, suspects that his mother sent Jillian to him as a potential wife and begins falling in love with her despite his suspicion that she carries his mother’s soul.

Jillian is strongly attracted to Ranjiv, but she soon realizes her task is not only to solve a ten-year-old murder that was witnessed by one of her extra entities; she is also part of the Earth’s plan to save itself from mankind’s destructive nature.

Excerpt from Chapter 1:

After what seemed like an eternity, the lights slowly brightened. Jillian heaved a sigh of relief as the seat belt light came on and the announcement was made regarding their approach to the British Isles. Someone handed her another tray with juice and a muffin.

Ah, yes, a continental breakfast.

Odd, on a flight to London. Or maybe it wasn’t.

She had just taken a bite of the dry muffin when the plane shuddered, first rising and then falling through the air—straight down in a nose dive.

Plates and trays went flying. Screams sounded all around her. Her own tray flew up and hit her in the face. Oxygen masks deployed, but the rate of descent flung them against the ceiling rather than allowing them to dangle within reach. Overhead compartments exploded, their contents now deadly missiles. Blood splattered on the seat in front of her. She glanced at Anna, whose mouth was open in a frozen scream. Kavya clutched her chest, her eyes wide and staring in blank terror.

Were they over water or land? She had no idea. Either way, with such a steep, rapid descent, they were doomed.

I’m going to die. Right here. Right now.

Seth would read the headlines and know he’d made the right choice.

For some ungodly reason, that thought sent her off in a peal of hysterical laughter—laughing harder than she ever had in her life until tears flowed from her eyes.

She tried to lean forward and couldn’t. In fact, she could barely move at all. In a crash, you were supposed to lean forward and clasp your hands behind your head. That was the “crash position” wasn’t it? The best she could do was to clutch the top of her head with both hands. Not that it mattered. She was going to die anyway.

Someone shouted something about seat belts and life jackets. A flight attendant, perhaps. Due to her study of the emergency procedures card, Jillian knew precisely where her life jacket was. Not that she would ever be able to actually reach it. Not that it would make any difference.

This was no gentle glide to the surface, no floating freefall that suggested that anyone might survive. Her life didn’t pass before her eyes the way everyone claimed it would when death was imminent. All she could see was the bloodstained surface above her head. The plane shuddered again, the screaming engines and screeching metal joints drowning out the cries of the passengers—or perhaps no one had enough breath left in them to scream. She certainly didn’t. The air had been stripped from her lungs, as though a heavy weight on her stomach had forced her diaphragm into her throat.

She tried to think about her mother, her sister, and the sadness they and the loved ones of everyone aboard the plane would feel. Kavya’s son, Ranjiv, who would never see his mother’s face again, never hear her voice or feel her arms around him. So much loss. So much death.

Including my own.

The impact was so horrific it should have snapped her neck, or at the very least collapsed her spine. The crushing pressure from her seatbelt nearly cut her in half, making her heave up what little she had eaten. Seawater gushed in, quickly filling the fuselage, proving that they had indeed been flying over the ocean.

Too late. Now completely submerged, Jillian held her breath in a futile attempt to remain alive. People were dying all around her. She witnessed their death throes and tasted the blood and jet fuel mixed in with the seawater, still not quite believing she wasn’t dead.

I’m okay?

For the moment, perhaps, but probably not for long.

Through the eerie underwater silence a voice that was strangely calm amid the chaos spoke to her. “Unbuckle your seatbelt, Jillian. You’re going to make it.”

With barely enough light to see, she turned toward Kavya. Her eyes were open and staring, but were now completely lifeless.

“Tell my son I love him. Now, go.”

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Still On Sale!


Well, peeps, the 99-cent deal on ONCE MORE FROM THE TOP–book 1 in the Women of Willow Bay series garnered such a great response that I’m extending it for one more week. That great low price is good until October 7, so if you haven’t started this series yet, here’s a great opportunity.

The Women of Willow Bay are stories about women over forty finding a second chance at love. I believe that love can happen to anyone at any age, that women only grow more interesting, and that you’re never too old for a little sexy romance. I started writing romance with seasoned characters because I wanted to read about relationships between two people who are over the drama of coming-of-age and meet on a level playing field of self-knowledge. I adore sensual love scenes that hold an irresistible combination of humor, passion, and life experience.

The Women of Willow Bay series is four stories about four women who are ripe for a second chance at love:

In Once More From the Top, photographer Carrie Halligan is reunited with Maestro Liam Reilly, the father of her fifteen-year-old son, whom he doesn’t know exists. Her lie is a lot for Liam to get past, but the spark of passion between them becomes a bonfire that overcomes everything.

In Sex and the Widow Miles, Carrie’s best friend Julie Miles must learn to live and love again after the death of her husband of over 30 years. Liam’s friend and manager Will Brody, a handsome younger man, is more than willing to help her navigate that path. But a secret from her dead husband’s past threatens Julie’s newfound happiness.

In The Summer of Second Chances, freelance editor Sophie Russo makes Willow Bay her home after inheriting two summer cottages from her beloved grandfather. Henry Dugan, nerdy publisher and writer, rents her second cottage with the intention of finishing his novel and ends up getting involved with Sophie, her crazy mother, and a mysterious lost treasure.

In the newly released Saving Sarah, Sarah Bennett escapes from her abusive ex-husband to find safety in Willow Bay, where she meets handsome Deputy Sheriff Tony Reynard—just the man to help her trust again. Together with their friends in the village, they work to build a shelter for battered women. But when her ex shows up, can Tony save her or will she find the strength to save herself?

Sure hope you’ll use this sale to get started on the Women of Willow Bay! Merci, mes amies!!

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Release Day!!


It’s here and it’s not only my book birthday, but it’s my actual birthday! What better way to celebrate than with a new book release? I’m excited and I sure hope you are too! Here are the details and links–head over to your favorite retailer and grab your copy of SAVING SARAH, book 4 in the Women of Willow Bay series. Enjoy!!

She thought she’d never feel safe again. She was wrong.

When Sarah Bennett’s abusive ex hunts her down in Chicago, her friends spirit her away to Willow Bay, where she hopes to begin again with a different identity. But terror keeps her holed up, unable to start her new life.

Deputy sheriff Tony Reynard never expected to be staring down the barrel of a gun when he enters Sarah’s apartment to finish up some handyman work, but that’s how the fiery little redhead greets him, and he’s beyond intrigued.

After an intervention by her loving friends, Sarah becomes involved in a project to turn an old mansion into a battered women’s shelter. The women work together to renovate the house, along with the help of the townspeople and the delectably handsome Tony, who is a true renaissance man. Tony vows to bring Sarah back to life and love, but knows he needs to move slowly to win her heart.

When her ex tracks her down once more, Sarah must find the courage to protect her friends and her new love from his wrath.

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Welcome A.D. Ellis


What fun it is to celebrate book releases with Indiana Romance Writers of America chapter mates! I’m so excited today to introduce my readers to A.D. Ellis–a fellow contemporary romance author and a friend from IRWA.

ADELLISA.D. spends the majority of her days loving and wrangling two school-aged children, a husband, and a Yorkie with a stubborn streak a mile wide before heading to the inner city of Indiana to teach a challenging group of alternative education students in grades third through sixth. Most days she hits the gym after school in hopes of running and lifting away the stress and headaches of the day before picking up her children and squeezing a whole day’s worth of loving and living into the too-short hours before bed. It’s no wonder Ms. Ellis lives for the slower, easier days she gets to enjoy on breaks from school.

Growing up in a small farming town in southern Indiana, A.D. is grateful to her mother for passing along the love of reading. With her nose constantly stuck in a book, she became accustomed to friends and acquaintances snickering and shaking their heads at her love of reading.

A.D. never dreamed of being anything but a teacher, although there are certain times of the year when she laments her career choice. She had a story idea floating in her head for about a year. After persistent prodding from a friend, A.D. put pen to paper and began writing her first story in October 2013. From that moment on, she was hooked. Taking the people and stories from her head and sharing them with readers is a scary, exhausting, rewarding, and fulfilling experience which A.D. plans to continue until there are no more stories banging around in her mind.

Kendrick teaser 1Her newest book, Kendrick: Torey Hope, the Later Years takes us back to the fictional town of Torey Hope, where spunky and independent Jay Keller only wants to have fun, having long ago decided that love is reserved for people living fairy tale lives.

Kendrick Jordan is a sarcastic, inappropriate smartass, whose sense of humor, intense love of family, and serial dating habits enable him to mask his painful past.

Through a chance encounter, Jay gives Kendrick a chance to satisfy his curiosity with no strings attached. But when Kendrick’s past catches up with him and Jay is dealt a life-altering blow, they find themselves turning to each other for support.

After a traumatic accident threatens their new-found love, Jay and Kendrick must decide if their relationship is worth the terrifying and painful journey they now face.**


Purchase links:




**Kendrick and Jay’s story is meant for ages 18+ due to adult themes, language, and situations. Sensitive readers should be warned of possible triggers in the storyline.**

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Welcome, Liz Flaherty!


IMG_0750   Hey, Nan! Whose turn to drive is it? Mine? But it’s your car, right? Oh, we’re blogging, not doing a girlfriends trip. Okay, here we go. Thanks for having me here, by the way. I brought wine…

Hi! My name’s Liz Flaherty. Nan and I are friends, good ones. We write together, travel together, moan to each other in long poor-me texts we’d never let anyone else see, and travel all over Indiana to have lunch together sometimes when it’s been a while. We are, we say, sisters from different fathers—and mothers. We are kindred spirits.

We sound like the oldest of friends, don’t we?

But we’re not.

I’m not exactly sure how long we’ve been friends—several years now—but in the short list of my BFFs, her name was added last. Doesn’t make its spot any less firm, but the ink is darker.

Which brings me to telling you about Summer in Stringtown Proper, the love story of Molly Linden and Joe Rahilly—the banker from New York City and the carpenter from Stringtown Proper, Kentucky. She’s divorced, he’s widowed, and neither of them is in the market for a relationship. Of any kind. They’re done. They’re fifty and not the least bit interested in starting over again.

But then they meet.

It’s fun to have made such a good friend at Nan’s and my…er…experienced ages. Part of that fun is the unexpectedness of it that comes with differences; the laughter-laced meshing of city and country, my bigger family and her smaller one, and her ability to work at night while my brain says buh-bye after noon.

This is also the fun of writing about protagonists who are grown-up…and then some. Who aren’t in their first rodeo—they’ve loved before and chances are good they’ve loved well. They have kids and grandkids and retirement accounts. They’re probably not all that career-minded anymore and if they are it may very well not be their first career.

They don’t expect to meet anyone who makes them feel “it” again, who they lie in bed and think about, and who gets their blood moving in all kinds of delicious ways. They don’t want to be in love again because they know no matter it comes to an end, it’s going to hurt. It’s going to leave a mark, a big one.

But, like a friendship that happens unexpectedly, falling in love when you’re not looking for it is wonderful. It’s the kind of story I love to tell.

SummerinStringtownProper_Liz FlahertyBlurb:

Banker Molly Linden never expected to be alone and unemployed at fifty. Buying hunky carpenter Joe Rahilly’s saloon takes care of the employment situation, but she’s still alone. Or is she?


They finished the dishes in silence. When she let the water out of the sink and turned her head to meet his gaze, he was waiting. His hands grasped her forearms gently, pulling her to him. Fitting her into the lines of his body in a way that made her knees shake and the saltines in her stomach swell and flutter.

“You, too,” he said. “You laughed about martinis—you wouldn’t have done that a month ago.”

She wouldn’t have. She’d have resented being teased about what he perceived as snobbery.

“A month?” She looked at the clock on the wall as though it would tell her how long she’d been on the Ridge. “Have I really been here a month?”

“No, actually you’ve been here six weeks. Not that I’m keeping track of you, but Dad said this morning he and Sadie were going out to celebrate their six-weeks anniversary tonight.” He held her closer, and she felt his heartbeat. Strong and steady. “Makes it our anniversary, too, doesn’t it? I held you that day, too. When we danced three times. Remember?”

“I do.” She shrugged, just a little lift of her shoulder. “Sort of. I wasn’t remembering things too well by the time the reception was over.”

He snickered. “Wine from the Ridge got you.”

“It did,” she admitted. “But I remember that I liked dancing with you.” This was flirting. It was fun. In younger days, she’d have thought it was a little dangerous, something that might get in the way of whatever goal she’d set for that particular time. But now, today, it was delicious.

“Me, too. With you, I mean.” He dipped his head to hers, taking her mouth. And keeping it. Teasing at first, then not so much.

He touched her, his hands first on her back, then on her hips. He held her ever closer, but didn’t push. Didn’t demand. Didn’t…oh, God, his mouth was wonderful. Had she ever in her life been kissed like this?

“I don’t remember,” he murmured against her lips. “Are we to second base yet?”

Laughter rippled between them like a musical balm, and she rested her forehead against his shoulder. She had thought she would never trust anyone with her heart again, yet here she was getting ready to…oh, hell, steal second base and hurtle on to third if he was asking.

“Can I take you home?”

She didn’t want to go home, even to the safe haven that was Sadie’s house. She wanted to stay here in his arms, where she felt more alive than she’d felt in…years. God, yes, years.

But life wasn’t that way. Not real life. In real life, her cellphone rang from the table before her, its dirge-like ringtone the one she’d assigned to her mother’s number in a what-the-hell moment.

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print booksThey’re here! My Women of Willow Bay series is now available in . . . dut da da da . . . print! YAY!! This is a photo of the proofs I received earlier this week (we had some issues we had to work out and we did), and very shortly I should receive a box full of the real thing (things?). Anyway, they’re available at Amazon, so if your fondest Labor Day wish is to have Once More From the Top or Sex and the Widow Miles or The Summer of Second Chances, or (gasp!) all three in print, hurry over there and order them. And thanks always, from the bottom of my heart, for your support!

Today I’m thankful for:

  1. A long chat with Son last night—he’s okay—he’s good, in spite of being overwhelmed with school and finishing up his PhD. He has no idea how much time I spend in prayer over him . . . or maybe he does.
  2. My books are in print!!
  3. The big editing gig is through the hard part, all that’s left is author review–I love this client!!
  4. Swimming in the lake.
  5. Lunch with Liz today!