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Sunday Snippet…

…is actually a book review today. A book about Paris!!

I don’t do book reviews here very often, mostly because brat that I am, I try to keep this blog focused on my writing and my life. That said, I do love having guests on the blog and promoting other writers’ work! If one of us wins, we all win and that is particularly true of fiction writers.

Book cover for Lost in Paris by Elizabeth ThompsonI loved, loved Elizabeth Thompson’s new book, Lost in Paris, which I nabbed an ARC of over at Net Galley because I just couldn’t wait for release day! Thompson had me at “Paris,” the rest was just a delightful bonus that I devoured in just three days! A wonderful story of history and unexpected treasures discovered in an old untouched apartment in Paris. But even more, it is a story of family and a mother and daughter finding their tentative way to one another after years of being estranged from one another. The flirty, sexy Frenchman who turned out to be married was a little cliché, but the story was so enthralling, it didn’t matter a bit, rather it only added to the heroine’s “authentic” Paris experience. Loved this story and it took me straight back to my time in France and the City of Lights. I read this book in three days, which is unusual for me as it seems the older I get, the harder it is for me to really get into a book.

Elizabeth Thompson, this is your official invitation to appear on the blog–would love to do an interview with you! I’d love to talk Paris and the story of discovering abandoned apartments there! What do you say?

Stay well and stay safe, mes amies, and most of all, stay grateful!