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Sunday Snippet–The Celebration Version

Yup, I’m celebrating. Well, as much as one can celebrate in these days of masks, lockdowns, and sanitizer. I finally wrote THE END on novel #10–the first book in my new series for Tule Publishing, and it is now in the hands of my editor. I’m a weird mix of relieved and terrified. It’s always so hard to send your babies off to be taken apart and read by your development editor. But Sinclair is always kind and open and ready to talk, so that makes it a bit easier to bear.

I’m already in discovery on the next book and Max Lange has that come-hither vibe going in my head. I thought I’d take a break from writing for a couple of weeks, but that’s probably not going to happen…

In the meantime, here’s something fun! One of my clients has just released his book of stories and memories and anecdotes. If you love small-town stories, just plain fun, and donuts, grab Joe DeRozier’s new release, Heck, I Don’t Know, I Just Make Donuts.

Gratitude for this week: Writing The End; getting firewood all stacked and ready for winter; having a fire for the first time in our new home; the gardens are all put to bed for winter; light at the end of a long political tunnel.

Stay well, stay safe, and most of all, mes amies. stay grateful!