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Author Spotlight: Janine Amista Is Here with a Holiday Romance!

Headshot of author janine amestaWe have a winner! Roseann McGrath Brooks, you are Janine’s recipient from her giveaway! Janine will be in touch with you! Thanks to everyone for stopping by– we love talking to our readers.

I do love it when authors come back for another visit! Fellow Tule author Janine Amista is back today with her brand new holiday romance, A Poinsettia Paradise Christmas. She also has a fun giveaway for you, so read on!

Janine Amesta is a California girl who now lives in the high desert of Oregon with her husband and their cat, Hitchcock. She studied screenwriting in college, but her moody thrillers always had way too much flirty banter. She’s a master at jigsaw puzzles, skilled at embroidery, and critiques bad movies on Twitter.

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I’m so excited to be back on Nan’s blog to talk about my newest release, a holiday contemporary romance called A Poinsettia Paradise Christmas. If you’re looking for a seasonal story with lots of love, family, and humor, I hope you check it out. It’s about a woman who makes a deal with her uncle to work a coffee truck on a Christmas tree farm for the season. As someone who’s never been a huge fan of Christmas, she does so reluctantly. She also reluctantly finds herself drawn to the farm’s manager, and as much as she tries to fight it, falls in love.

As with most of my stories, I always like to choose characters that seem quite the opposite of each other. Characters you’d think would be at odds with each other. Getting them to a point where they actually click and discover how they can be different but also fit well together is one of the fun things to figure out as a romance writer.

This book is no different as A Poinsettia Paradise Christmas features a black cat/golden retriever pairing. If you’re unfamiliar with this term, it means that one of the characters (in this case Natalie) is the more cynical, no-nonsense, independent character, who doesn’t care about Christmas or falling in love. In this case, she’s the cat in the relationship and someone I can definitely relate to on a personal level. On the other side we have Mason, the golden retriever type, who’s immediately smitten with Natalie. He’s more easy going, good humored, and, unfortunately for Natalie, directly in the Christmas business, managing his father’s Christmas tree farm for the holidays.

How they approach the holidays and love is very different from the start, which is why I like to slow-burn a relationship to build respect, understanding, and compromise as their romance builds—to take that initial spark and make it grow into something warm and lasting. Love, like the holidays themselves, is about discovering the magic where you can and appreciating what you have.

In A Poinsettia Paradise Christmas, Natalie may be dragged into a relationship kicking and screaming but, like many of us, even she can’t resist the charm of Mason or the holidays. The joy and satisfaction of having these two characters discover how they fit together perfectly, finding their happy ending, will, hopefully, leave readers feeling merry and bright.

GIVEAWAY! Janine’s got a e-book of A Poinsettia Paradise Christmas, a cute book sticker, and a handmade poinsettia Christmas ornament for your tree up for grabs. Just comment below with the best gift you ever found in your Christmas stocking. We’ll pick a winner at random on Friday morning.

A Poinsettia Paradise Christmas

This Christmas a lump of coal might just turn into a diamond….

Natalie Gonzalez-Torres has never been a fan of Christmas. As the manager of her family’s coffee shop, she avoids all the holiday kitsch. But this year, her uncle assigns her to run a coffee cart at Poinsettia Paradise tree farm to prove she’s ready to become a full partner. The assignment feels like a lump of coal in her nonexistent stocking, until a Christmas tree farmer helps uncover her inner elf. Too bad she’s already given up on finding love.

Mason Lavigne bursts with expansion and improvement ideas for his family’s Christmas Tree Farm, but his dad still still sees him as a kid. This Christmas, Mason’s determined to prove his worth, especially after his dad mentions he’s thinking of selling. With his stress off the charts, helping Natalie is a bright light this holiday season as long as Mason’s not distracted from his mission by her sparkling eyes and quick wit. They both have something to prove but doing it together might be more than they can resist.

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