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Author Spotlight: Ieshia Wiedlin Is Back with a Christmas Romance!

What a wonderful holiday treat to welcome fellow Tule author, Ieshia Wiedlin back to the Spotlight with lovely Christmas memories and a new release! Ieshia grew up in Detroit, Michigan, and currently resides in Brookfield, IL, which is a suburb of Chicago. She is married and has two great kids, Lucas and Zoey. She has always loved writing and telling stories, mostly sci-fi and fantasy, and is a huge junkie for all things Marvel and Star Wars. But somehow in the midst of loving all things sci-fi, she was a sucker for all things Molly Ringwald. Ieshia became a huge fan of rom-coms and loves stories with strong women characters. Growing up the youngest, and the only girl on her block, she craved strong women who fell in love. She loves romances with strong women leads who have conviction, but are also filled with humor. It’s important to her that women in her stories are smart, strong, loving, and funny, and also represent for sci-fi geeks and music lovers everywhere.

The floor is yours, Ieshia…

For many years my Christmas consisted of me asking for clothes, video games, toys, and of course sneakers. Something I’m still obsessed with.

But, oh my has life changed!

I no longer long for the new outfit, or the new video game. My Christmas wishes would consist of having one more moment with my dad, wishing he could see his grandson in marching band just like him. Seeing his granddaughter blocking shots on the basketball court and seeing me have two books on the shelves.

These days it’s making sure we volunteer, lending a hand to make sure that we are serving our community and making a difference in other people’s lives.

Like Angela in Maybe This Christmas, I am a person who likes tradition. I enjoy making sure our decorations are up the same time every year. Making sure my kids pick out an ornament to place on the tree. Which has been a blast to see over the years,  simply because the tree is just about covered with only their ornaments they’ve picked through the years.

It’s driving and walking through various Christmas lights displays through the city, and baking cookies.

Christmas has changed so much for me through the years, and I am at a point in my life where it’s about seeing the people I love. Still hear, still healthy and still safe. I’m still able to talk to them and tell them I love them.

That’s what I wish for so many other people during this time of year. To hold onto people, you care about and spend time with them.

And if I can find a cool pair of sneakers as well, that’s just a bonus.

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Maybe This Christmas

Maybe this Christmas she’ll unwrap what she really wants…

Angela Miles is a hardworking mom, doing everything she can to make sure her family traditions endure with her twelve-year-old son, David. Before her husband passed, choosing the Christmas tree on the first day of December and creating magazine-worthy decorations meant the world to them, and she can’t let these memories disappear. But this year, she’s also in the midst of planning a blowout gala for her nonprofit, Acts of Faith, and David is more into Chicago Bulls games with his friends than hanging out with her.

Dr. Shawn Atkins is a pediatric surgeon devoted to staying the best in his field. But when an opportunity arises to help Angela with the gala, he jumps at the chance to be her knight in shining armor. Angela has always challenged him to up his game, so he’s happy to help her out. What he’s not prepared for is how that decision turns his whole world upside down.

This Christmas, will new experiences open the door to a chance at love that neither of them is expecting?

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