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Wow…Just, Wow!

It’s been a pretty cool few of days. In spite of the fact that I’m buried under a couple of heavy-duty editing gigs and am in hermit mode, I’ve managed to collect some great news.

  •  My novel Rule Number One is now available on If you haven’t had a chance to get it yet, here’s a brand new opportunity, <grin>.  And, pretty please, if you do have an Amazon account, if you’d stop by and “Like” my book, that would go a long way to supporting me in this little venture. Merci, in advance!
  •  My friend and fellow writer, Robena Grant is a finalist in the RWA Golden Heart Contest with her romantic suspense novel Exposure. The Golden Heart is the Romance Writers of America’s annual contest for unpublished writers. I’m so pleased and excited for Roben–I know she’s floating because I would be! Roben, I’m sending you all kinds of winning energy!
  • My friend and critique partner Sandy James has a novel coming out from Carina Press. Rules of the Game releases on April 2 and is already available for presale at It’s a terrific book—you can trust me on this because I had the pleasure of critiquing it for her. Click here, or just to the right of this post, you can click on her cover and get right to it. Enjoy!
  • Found out my sisters, PJ and Kate, are going to be in their church’s production of The Music Man in June. They’re going to be part of the “Pick a Little, Talk a Little” chorus, which I think may possibly mean that they’re also going to be doing the whole Grecian Urn thing. Can not wait to see this! So totally worth staying home from the lake for! Break a leg, Sisters!!
  • Son and DIL have gotten the nursery ready for our little grandson, who’s growing quite contentedly in DIL’s ever-rounding belly.  She’s even more beautiful than usual—all glowing and nurturing a new little Reinhardt. I’ve decided I want grandson to call me “Mémé” (MEH may). It’s French, it’s cute, I’m all about anything Français, and I’m adorable, so it works, right? 😉  Husband will be “Pops,” ’cause he’s cool like that.
  • Our lake friends are returning from points South and cottages are being reopened. Very soon, ours will be too. Woot! Summer’s on its way! This is also very evident from the gardens out in front of my house, which are coming up like gangbusters. When I took a break to go out for some fresh air, I couldn’t believe how big everything’s gotten already. My flowers are going to be spectacular.

So, see? Even when I spend 12 hours a day at my computer, editing like a madwoman, I still have all the best news. Between the Interwebs and my new ‘Droid (which I’m still completely crazy about, by the way; weather at the touch of my finger and Words with Friends!!),  I’m on top of everything.


  • Nan

    Thanks for coming by, Liz, Suz, and Roben! Yup Liz, I do love times like these, even when I feel overwhelmed with work–it’s a good thing ’cause they’re payin’ me! Susan, I am blessed. Roben–just keep basking, baby! You’ve earned a couple of days of playing and enjoying the kudos. Go for it!

  • robena grant

    Oh, thanks so much for the shout out! You are so sweet.
    Today, I thought I’d settle down and get some stuff done. Nope. No way. I posted a blog and got a lot of visitors and responded, of course. I played on Facebook and then did the round of blogs where I’d posted my news yesterday, and now…let’s see, it’s almost a quarter to two on the west coast and I haven’t even had lunch. : )

    Don’t work too hard!