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Okay, So Now It Is All Party, Party, Party…

What’s better than gathering all your dearest friends around you to celebrate a joyful moment in your life? Not a thing! Last night, the menopause fairies, my sisters, and my two critique partners all came over to help me celebrate the release of my novel, RULE NUMBER ONE. It was a hen party pure and simple, and I had a blast. So far, the phone calls and emails I’ve gotten this morning  indicate that everyone else did too.

Twelve of us sat around my big dining room table, drinking wine and eating pizza. Patty brought brownies because even though she’s not quite old enough to qualify as a menopause fairy (she has pixie status right now), she certainly understands the importance of chocolate at any gathering of women. Dee brought a wondrous bread pudding pie that tasted incredible and included whipped cream, so how could we go wrong, really? The pizzas were great and the wine delicious.

Most of all, I basked in the warm glow of my dear friends. The conversations were first-rate with lots of laughter and fun memories. Whether they wanted to or not, my crit partners, Cheryl and Sandy, got to know me a little better for all the stories that the menopause fairies and my sisters told. To my crit partners and my darling cousin, Pam, you are all now officially members of the menopause fairies. I’m thinking we need t-shirts, maybe even hats and mugs.

How delightful to share this exciting time and know that they’re all taking as much pleasure in my success as I am. I need these women around me. They are not only kindred spirits, they are also my support system, and I don’t think I could function without them.

Thanks, my darling ladies—if I don’t say it enough, please know how blessed I am to have you all in my life.


  • Nan

    Thank you, Roben! I am certainly looking forward to being in the “hot seat” tomorrow! Thanks so much for the invitation!!

  • robena grant

    Sounds like a good time was had by all. I love getting together with a bunch of women and talking and laughing and sharing stories. Glad to hear the sales are building for RNO. I enjoyed the book very much. Hope you enjoy being in my blog hot seat tomorrow. : )

  • Nan

    Suz–love it!

    Fokker–thanks! Hope you’ll leave a review if you get chance.

    Timmie–I was trying to get everyone in on the page–missed my friend CL…but I think she’ll forgive me!

    Mary Stella–merci! Both actually–one day the hot flashes will be over, right?!

  • Mary Stella

    What fun. I’m glad you had a party to celebrate your success. Congratulations again. Bask in the glow! (Of the book release, not necessarily the next hot flash, although that will work too.)