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In the Hot Seat

I’m in the “hot seat” over at Robena Grant’s blog today. It works like this: You comment on today’s blog with a question for me about anything at all, Roben collects all the questions and at the end of the week, she sends them to me to answer. I answer them and then she posts the answers on her blog next week. I’m ready–come on by and ask my anything about my writing, the process, getting published, being a editor…really just anything at all…


  • londonmabel

    I look forward to reading the answers!

    By the way I remembered a love story with Older People: Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand.


    It wasn’t marketed as romance, but it really is–falling in love with the Pakistani-British shopkeeper is what changes the old major and helps him grow. It was so lovely, my favorite “romance novel” of the past few years.

  • Nan

    Diva, I’m so glad you liked the book! Your comments are kind and I really appreciate them! No books for Jack’s brothers, they’re both involved…one’s married, the other’s getting married. But I have 2 other books with my agent and am working on book 4, so hopefully, I’ll have more for you.

    Thank you again for your words and for buying RNO! If you want to go in and post this very review on the BookStrand site, I’d love it!

  • Diva donna

    i have to stop by and say that I loved everything about Rule Number One. I just finished it yesterday. It’s a great story about finally meeting the right 1 and not letting your past mistakes (Twice burned) scare you away from trusting again and opening your heart to let yourself love the perfect man for you. It had enough sexy chemistry to keep you interested, and enough heat to singe my panties, but not burn them right off. Question will you be writing about Jacks brothers in future books? High Five!! DD

  • Nan

    I wanted to retweet your Hot Seat post, but realized I didn’t have you on my following list, so I added you. How did I miss you when I began? I’m not a great Twitter-er either, but I’m learning and kinda get a kick out of reading Tweets. But I can’t spend too much time–I get a little nuts if I do…

    Good luck with the synopsis–I’m here if you need a reader or an editor…always happy to help out!

  • robena grant

    Hey Nan, I saw you’re following me on Twitter, and I burst out laughing. I do not “get” twitter and must take the time to relearn, and to use it. Soon. soon. Off to write a synopsis. : )