Weekend Writing Warriors 8-Sentence Sunday #7

wewriwa_square_3The first two weeks of 8-Sentence Sunday, I gave you snippets from my completed novel, Like Fine Wine—the story of Julie Miles, a widow who’s come to Chicago to try to regroup after losing her husband of over thirty years. Just for fun, I’m returning to that story this week. After all, I need to keep you intrigued with two different novels that are both releasing this year. Here we go…

In the last snippet, Will Brody, the hot guy across the hall, stopped by to check on Julie. He’s attractive and kind and funny, and Julie can’t seem to help responding to him. She’s shocked to realize that her libido didn’t die with her husband after all. But Will misinterprets her confusion, thinking she’s having a bad moment of grief. She doesn’t disabuse him…

With a little sympathetic cluck, he tugged me into his arms. “Julie, it’s okay…it’s okay. I know this must be hard.”

He’d completely misread me, but my arms slid around his waist anyway. I pressed myself against his chest, inhaling the scent of him—clean, crisp, woodsy. Dear God, I’d forgotten how it good it felt to be in a strong man’s arms. How delicious to have a man’s hands smoothing over my back, a man’s body warm and hard next to mine. He stroked my hair, murmuring little comforts. Shamelessly, I basked in his embrace.

This book is the first time I’d tried writing in first person and I really thought it was fun! I even tried it in third, just to see how it would work, but somehow, Julie’s story just came out in first. More of both Like Fine Wine and The Music Is You as the weeks progress. Thanks for stopping by and please don’t miss the other Weekend Writing Warriors.   Head on over and check out the work of dozens of other writers. You’ll be so glad you did!