Weekend Writing Warriors 8-Sentence Sunday #11

Last week, I gave you a snippet of my novel, Rule Number One, which was published last year. Here’s another quick eight for you from that book. Hope it intrigues you enough to go here and buy it, or here if your e-reader of choice is a Nook. FYI, Rule Number One is also available in print from both Amazon and Barnes & Noble for those of you who still read by turning pages.

wewriwa_square_3Setting up the scene, we’re still in the very beginning of the book, where Jack has shown up at Katy’s and she’s mistaken him for her hired escort…he hasn’t actually figured it out yet…

“We’re dating?” Jack asked, watching her finger style her auburn bangs.

What the hell is going on here? Who does she think I am?

“Well, yes.” She gave him a what-kind-of-idiot-are-you look. “At least this time, Andrea sent me someone who looks older than seventeen and understands what black tie means. The last guy she sent for a formal event actually wore a Bob Marley Rasta guitar T-shirt under his tux jacket, and God save me, flip-flops!”

I’m having a great time sharing these snippets with you! Thanks for stopping by and please don’t miss the other Weekend Writing Warriors.   Head on over and check out the work of dozens of other writers. You’ll be so glad you did!