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Wednesday Gratitude in Michigan

01a3099d42d93b25d834f1a1e0c913b563f097845fYeah, I missed yesterday, but I’ll be double thankful today. Here goes:

  1. Lovely hotel room here in Muskegon–gorgeous view and so very comfy.
  2. Having that “I’m home ” feeling here in west central Michigan.
  3. Showing Liz all the places I love so much.
  4. White River Light station.
  5. Chocolate (random, I know, but I’m enjoying some fudge we got in Pentwater today and it’s really good).
  6. I wrote last night–made some decisions about where to go from here–feels great!
  7. Shilled our books to some ladies at a fruit stand today–could mean some sales.
  8. Gorgeous watching the kite boarders today.
  9. Swimming
  10. I remembered more than I thought I would…things haven’t changed all that much.

One Comment

  • Carol

    Hey Nan, just catching up on all your posts. Looking forward to another book by you! Cheers. (PS couldn’t remember which email address I gave you! Renovations on a duplex in the arctic just about killed me.)