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The Lake House

I know, I know…there’s a movie by the same name, and although this has nothing to do with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock, it does have to do with time. In The Lake House, time is a secondary character, playing against the two main characters as they try to figure out a way to meet at the Lake House. Time has been a secondary character in our effort to fulfill a dream.

For almost 40 years, Husband and I have talked, dreamed, planned, fantasized about having a lake house. Each time we considered it, something got in the way, finances mostly. Seemed as if each time we thought we were in a position to afford a vacation home on a lake, the prices had gone up past the point that we could afford a vacation home on a lake.  It became almost comical—we’d look at cottages, dream and save, then when we thought we’d saved enough, cottages would suddenly skyrocket again. We just couldn’t seem to make the timing thing work out.

Finally, prices evened out at the same time we were in a position to buy, so we began our search in January at our favorite lakes in our state—just two hours away from home. Far enough that we were truly getting away, but close enough that it could be weekend escape. Our realtor was a peach and showed us probably 30 or 35 cottages around the two lakes.  But each time we got interested, something major was going on—foundation issues, lousy waterfront, ancient plumbing—everything we looked at needed work, a lot of work,  which of course meant more money.

Week after disappointing week, we drove the 90-odd miles to the lakes, tramping through the snow, looking at cabins and cottages. By April, we were starting to think we’d never find anything. By May, we were certain that our dream would once again have to be tucked away. But finally, at the beginning of this month, we changed our tack. When we started looking, we’d determined, “NO trailer parks!” right upfront, but then a place came up for sale that intrigued us even though it was a mobile home in a park.

We went up to look and were impressed, not only with the mobile home, but also with the park. Just 24 mobiles in seasonal park that was immaculately kept with a beautiful waterfront on a large, deep bay. The home was also beautifully maintained and actually larger than most of the cabins we’d seen. The price was right, and allowed us also to furnish the place and buy a boat to play on the lake much sooner than we’d anticipated.

So here we are–our first official weekend in our new “cottage.” It’s gorgeous and homey and exactly what we want. The neighbors have been by with warm welcomes, and our mobile is cozy, yet large enough that we have plenty of room for weekend visits from friends and family. We couldn’t be more pleased and can’t wait to start our new life of “summers at the lake.” Our time has finally arrived!