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On Being a Writer

I am writer. My friend, Lani Diane Rich says I should say “I am a great writer!” So I will say it, “I am a great writer!” I’m anxiously waiting for my agent to call me and tell me that an editor agrees with us. That kind of validation would be truly wondrous.

But being a writer makes me hyper-aware of everything I write, from blog posts to queries for my authors as I edit,  from chats with my kids to comments on  Facebook, from emails to a damn grocery list. Seriously! I’ve been known to toss a grocery list that felt disorganized or untidy and begin again. Am I the only writer who does this? Dear God, I hope not! That would mean my OCD is showing and then I’d have to own it.

Surprisingly, I’m not one of those writers who critiques everything I read–well, I try not to do that. I think the copy editor in me is the one who does that and only because, really, there is a better way to say whatever it is you’re trying to say. Here,  just let me give it a little tweak…okay, now doesn’t that sound better? I knew you’d agree…

One rule every writer must follow is edit, edit, edit. On the other hand, there is a point where you have to step away from the keyboard and simply pronounce the work finished. Okay, so this blog is done…and now I’m going to go make my list for the grocery…

Apples, Bananas, Butter, Eggs, Butter…well, it wasn’t in alpha order…whoops!









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