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Sunday Snippet: The We’re Sad Edition


We lost Husband’s mom on Thursday. She was 98 years old and pretty much sharp right until the last few days of her life. She drove a car until the past couple of years and lived alone until the last few months. She was a classy lady–always dressed to the nines with her hair done and her nails manicured. And lipstick–always lipstick!

These last few months, I was her personal manicurist, and it brought us both a lot of pleasure. We’d never really connected on a deep level in the 50-odd years I’d known her beyond our mutual love of her son and grandson. But she loved my nails, which I have done professionally every three weeks–my indulgence. I figure I’m still working and earning money, Husband and I live pretty frugally, so this is my treat to myself. My nails always look terrific and I love that and so did she.

A few months ago, I offered to do her nails for her–not an altruistic thing, to be honest, it was mostly something to keep us busy and chatting while we were visiting. But turns out, she really enjoyed having her fingernails manicured and polished. I had fun putting color on her nails, and seeing how happy it made her was just a bonus.

Anyway, it was a nice connection to make with her in these last few months of her life. That will be among my best memories of my mother-in-law–her pretty pink fingernails and holding her hand as I painted them. Rest in peace, Rosemary. I’m sure there is a joyful reunion happening in heaven.

Gratitude for this week: MIL is at peace; Husband is getting to mow again–joy! Found some cute new clothes, which is amazing, given I hate shopping for clothes. Great call with my editor about Cam and Harper’s book and she is very happy with first chapter revisions; Yesterday was gorgeous and full of sun.

Stay well, stay safe, be kind to one another, and most of all, mes amis, stay grateful!