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Sunday Snippet: The Pre-Thanksgiving Edition

Giving thanks every day on Facebook this month has improved my outlook. That is bigger than it sounds, mes amies, because my outlook has pretty much sucked for quite some time. However, I went to the grocery store this morning…yes, on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, and what a lovely experience it was! Folks wore masks, were polite and easygoing. The store shelves were fully stocked, nobody seemed to be hoarding anything, the produce department had gorgeous fresh veggies and fruit. I bought pears and lettuce. I even found vegan queso cheese for Husband–a real victory if it tastes decent.

All in all, the trip to Kroger gave me hope for the holidays, for the future. Hope has been at a premium, lately, you know? In fact, it gave me so much hope that I came home and checked out hotels for Liz and my next writing retreat in January and I did a little online Christmas shopping for Grandboy. I spoke to my sis about doing a fun book exchange, a la Iceland, for Christmas Eve night after church. I’m actually really excited about the holidays this year, starting with food and wine at sis’s on Thanksgiving day.

That’s it. Pretty simple stuff, but maybe that’s the way of things. We need to find our joy where we can and right now, Grandboy is visiting–working on the puzzle that we always have on the dining room table and singing Christmas songs… life is good.

Here’s a little holiday reminder for you–what’s better than Christmas romance.

Stay well, stay safe, wear your mask, and most of all, stay grateful!


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