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Sunday Snippet, the Post-Thanksgiving Version

After a lazy morning, during which we decorated our Christmas tree, we went to the kids’ on Friday afternoon to help them with their outdoor decorations, then stayed to watch The Muppet Christmas Carol, which I had never seen before. It was charming. Michael Caine was a wonderful Ebenezer Scrooge. We paused midway to catch the lighting of the Circle of Lights in downtown Indy. All of us were teary when Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra Pops director, Jack Everly, appeared with some of the people who participate in Yuletide, reading “The Night Before Christmas.” We are devoted Yuletiders, and it was both lovely and wrenching to see him and all the folks who are so familiar to us from that celebration that we’ve attended every year since Son was a tween. 
Yuletide with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra is how Husband and I know Christmas is truly here–that sounds kinda nutty, but the ISO is our benchmark for beginning the holiday season. That celebration with singing, dancing, and lots of holiday fun sets us up. We all have our favorite part of the traditional show. Grandboy and Poppy love the reindeer puppets, I love the dancing Santas, Son is always a little misty at the singing of “Oh, Holy Night,” and DIL relishes knowing some of the folks in the show personally from her theater days in Indy.
We always make sure to have a beverage and a Christmas cookie at intermission. Mine is generally a glass of wine or a Baileys and coffee while Son loves to try a new kind of martini. Grandboy loves the huge tree in the middle of the theater lobby and Husband and I both are crazy about the old restored Circle Theater, which we both remember from our childhoods. Jack Everly is a charming orchestra host and Yuletide always has great guest hosts like Sandy Patti, Frankie Moreno, Josh Kaufman, and other Broadway and TV stars.
We’re going to miss Yuletide this year, but ISO’s website says they’re doing a 25 Days of Christmas thing to help us all through a pandemic Christmas season, so click and enjoy whatever this turns out to be. It will be fun if it’s done by the ISO, so I’m looking forward to clicking each day to see what’s in store!
Stay well, stay safe, and most of all, mes amies, stay grateful!