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Sunday Snippet: The I’m Dawdling Edition

And so I am…it’s been a lazy Sunday so far, to the extent that I’m just now writing my Sunday Snippet for this week. Truthfully, the week has been… well… busy, so a dawdle or two is in order today.

Right off, happy birthday to darling Husband, who turned 74 last week and is still the hottest guy I know. We celebrated with the neighbors on Wednesday night with spice cake and wine and then again on Thursday with the kiddos. I made beef stew and we had the best Italian bread and more spice cake and wine. All in all, turning another year older was mostly painless for him, I think. He wasn’t complaining.

Sister Pam is doing well after last Saturday’s heart attack and stent placement. She’s resting and getting stronger, which is her job right now. Funny, hearts… our family is full of heart issues, so genetics has definitely hit all of us with its wicked stick. Mom died at 60 of a massive heart attack, my grandfather had one, too, and my brother has had stents and open heart surgery. There’s me and my HFrEF and now dear sis. Sister Kathi died in 2014 of cancer or who knows what her situation would be now at age 72. Whoever said aging is not for cowards sure nailed it.

On the good news front, reviews are coming in for the first Weaver Sisters book, Home to River’s Edge and ARC readers are enjoying the story, which warms my heart. These sisters were so much harder to write than I anticipated, which surprised me. But all three stories are done and in production, with Home to River’s Edge releasing on April 18, and I’m on to a new River’s Edge series and new characters, although of course, familiar ones will show up, too! I do love writing in this little river town! (See what I did there? Gave you two opportunities to click and pre-order!)

I’m finally getting over the jet lag–five time zones in less than 10 days was harder on my old bod than I expected, plus of course the time change, which is soooo annoying. But all in all, life is slowly getting back to what passes for normal here in Nan’s world. I’ll be back at the pool this week and walking the ‘hood with neighbor Mary, trying to get my step count up as high as I can. I’m back to writing at 6 a.m., mostly, and doing editing work in the afternoons. I hope your week will be full of moments of joy and times of peace and reflection. Remind to tell y’all about the meditation app I’m using each morning. It’s pretty interesting… but for now…

Gratitude for this week: Sis is getting better each day; got to spend an evening with the kids–always a joy; I finished a fun editing gig; started promo for Home to River’s Edge; picked daffodils from the garage bed and their scent is filling the breakfast nook and living room–so sweet; I can see things starting to come up in my office garden and Mary and I are talking about where to plant more flowers when spring really arrives.

Stay well, stay safe, be kind, keep smiling, and most of all, mes amies, stay grateful!


  • Latesha B.

    Happy Birthday to your husband, Nan. Sending healing prayers to your sister Pam. Hope that this is a better week for you.

    • Nan

      Thank you, Latesha, I’ll tell him you send good wishes, and I’ll pass your healing thoughts to sis. This week will be better because she will be better. 🙂 Hugs to you!

  • Kimberly Field

    Happy Birthday to your hubby, today is my aunt’s birthday, she and a couple of her grandkids are heading to French Lick to celebrate. Time change and time zones are the worst! I have had a rough couple of weeks with my legs, but the meds, even though a temp fix the rheumatologist gave me on Monday has made a world of difference.

    • Nan

      Sorry about the leg thing, Kimberly, but very glad the meds are helping. Any relief is good. I’ll pass your good wishes to Husband. French Lick is always fun! Hope they enjoy! Hugs, sweetie!

  • Janine

    Happy birthday to your husband. I hope your sister recovers quick. I hope you’re past the jet lag soon. It sure can take a toll on us.

    • Nan

      Hey, Janine, thanks for stopping by. Sis is doing well and I’m pretty much over the jet lag. I’m hoping to be more productive this week. How are you doing, sweets?

  • Kathleen Shaputis

    Love dawdling, my favorite speed any more. Yay for hubby’s B-day, and great news about sister. Time zones are rough but love traveling. May the rest of your Sunday be healing.