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Sunday Snippet: The Celebration Edition

What am I celebrating? Well, mes amies, mostly life. Husband’s colonoscopy this week was clean–no signs of the cancer that turned our summer last year on its ear. He’s feeling well and the gastro doc was pleased enough to order his next check for three years from now. We are relieved and feeling very blessed. My heart is doing well, too, so right now, two healthy seniors here. YAY!

I’m also in celebration mode because reviews for Meet Me in River’s Edge are coming in and they’re terrific! Readers are loving Jo and Alex’s story and that just warms my heart. Everyone has been so kind! This snippet from Kim at Reads Your Writes Book Reviewers especially touched me:

“Meet Me in River’s Edge was one of those stories that immediately captured my heart. Jo and Alex have both experienced traumatic events in their teenage years, resulting in them still carrying the wounds into adulthood. While Alex has money, he doesn’t flaunt it. He’s really down to Earth and is loving and caring despite his childhood and sense of failure. Jo definitely grows and has a transformation throughout the book. Her wanting to be with Alex allows her to leave the past behind and truly heal. I loved these two so much.

“This was a magical story all about family. While Jo gets to tell the kids and grandkids about how she and Alex met, Alex gets to tell the story of how he brought Jo and the residents of River’s Edge to their knees with his gesture of love. I don’t think I have ever ended a story crying happy tears before.”

The Tule Publishing 10th Anniversary Celebration continues going strong with loads of fun every day and a fabulous opportunity to grab Tule e-books for 50% off regular price at the Tule Bookstore! Slip on over and nab any of my stories from River’s Edge in the American Heart collection for just half price and cruise the catalogue for other great stories from my fellow Tule authors.

I know I say this a lot, but wow, I love being a part of this amazing company of women, both as an author and as an editor. I adore Jane Porter, who started Tule 10 years ago, and began a phenomenon in small-press publishing with her Montana Born imprint and grew it to include five other imprints and Tule Mystery books. I’m also just crazy about my editor, Sinclair Sawhney, who knows exactly how to bring the very best out in Author Nan and who has also become a dear friend. I’m so blessed to be a part of this organization. Oh, and I’m so happy to be a member of the Tule Book Club group on Facebook–what a fabulous bunch of readers! You should seriously consider joining us!

So, lots to celebrate this week. If you’re out and about in Central Indiana today (Sunday, September 10), I’d love it if you stopped by Harvest Fest–Fishers Arts Council’s annual fall festival. I’ll be there signing books, along with ten other local authors, and lots of artisans, craftspeople, and artists. We’ll have music and food trucks and even Kona Ice! We’re open from noon to five at Heritage Park at White River—just click the graphic for details. Should be a ton of fun!

Gratitude for this week: Good report for Husband; got to have Grandboy for an overnight; BookBub did really well; fall is in the air; the verbena is still glorious. 

Stay well, stay safe (Covid is on the upswing–take precautions), be kind, and most of all, mes amies, stay grateful!